Game on! SELF-TYING balloons for your next water balloon fight! $8.99 @ Marketplace

Game On! Self-Tying Water Balloons $9!

This summer, you can forget about the painful twisting cramps in your fingers and hands as you attempt to show your child how to tie water balloons for a huge family water balloon fight in the backyard. Now your kids will even be able to fill and tie these balloons by themselves!

These unique water balloons have a hose attachment that you can use to fill them quickly. When you are done filling the balloon, all you have to do is tug firmly on the end. It has a patented snap and seal action, so the balloon will seal automatically! The balloons sell for $8.99 for a pack of 100. (Please make sure you keep these away from small children & family pets, balloons can be very dangerous if ingested!)

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