EA Origin: Up to 50% off The Sims games and Discounts on Other Games

12 December 2013


Celebrate Simsmas with up to 50% off The Sims 3 and its various expansions!

This sale is timed perfectly for me. My wife loves The Sims and I am a bit behind on Christmas shopping. So maybe we'll make an expansion pack or two an early Christmas gift. I'm going to guess that my wife isn't alone in loving The Sims 3, and that I'm not the only person who is a little behind on gift giving for said wife. I made the mistake of telling my wife about the sale so if I buy an expansion for her she's going to know and is going to want to play it. I should have shut up, bought the expansions and the downloaded and installed it after she went to sleep on Christmas Eve. Oh well.

The best deals here are The Sims 3 plus expansion packs. For example, The Sims 3 plus Island Paradise. It's normally $39.99 but at 50% off you get it for only $19.99. That gives you The Sims 3 and the expansion. If you were to buy them separately with this sale they would cost you $24.99. If you already own The Sims 3 of course buying the expansions on their own make the most sense. They are anywhere from $9.99 to $14.99 depending on how new they are.

No shipping as these are digital downloads. No need to check the mail on Christmas Eve looking for a gift!

(Expires: 15th December 2013)

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