Bookcloseouts Canada: 50% Off 50 Kids' Books

21 July 2013

Don't let your kids be glued to the TV, iPad, or gaming system this summer - remind them of the wild and wonderful worlds of books! Right now, Bookcloseouts Canada is offering an extra 50% off 50 kids' book titles.

My husband and I love Bookcloseouts! Our respective collections would not have grown so large without access to the large selection and fabulous prices of Bookcloseouts Canada. For the children's section, most the books are under $2, with only a few books over that. Still, all the books are under $3.50 a piece.

The most expensive book in the section is Cowboys & Aliens, which was $16.99 and is on sale for $3.49! It was a really popular book made into a movie with some great actors. I totally must tell you a story though... and it is all true! I have met (several times actually) one of the authors of the book: Andrew Foley. He lives in Edmonton (where I just moved from). Major geek here!

Here are some other deals I spotted and liked:

As always, we have our three exclusive coupon codes that will save you anywhere between $5 and $20, depending on how much you spend on your order.

As for the cost of shipping, it will depend on how much you buy, but it is usually fairly reasonable.

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