Spring Shoes: Less Than $39 For Boots For Gals, $49 Boots For Guys

28 January 2012

Over on our hot deals forums, Mooser Bargainista posted a deal about Boots from Spring Shoes, and it's got pretty hot by forum standards - the deal is now up to 234 degrees!  She wrote about the boot sale, where they have 64 pairs of boots for less than $39 for girls, $49 for guys.

PLUS let's make this deal even sweeter with a bit of moosey coupon code love - use promotion  code 15VIP2008 for an extra 15% discount, on top of sale prices!!

Let's have a glance for some good deals:



Some nice little deals in there!

Shoes and boots are something that I enjoy buying online. I'm always the same size, so I really rarely have a problem with sizing to fit my big hairy feet. I physically have to stop myself whipping out my credit card sometimes though, because I already have about 7 or 8 pairs of boots in my wardrobe, and I SHOULD NOT buy any more. Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Anna, and I'm a bootaholic.

Shipping is free on a $49 spend. Expiry unknown.

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  • Laura t.
    those brown boots with the fur in the picture!!! Any chance you know the style name ive been lookigg for them everywhere!!
    • Anna Waters EDITOR
      Hi Laura. This post is from 2012 and that image was made with a screenshot of their site at the time. It's likely they don't sell them any more...

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