Rockport Canada: Free Coupons For $10 Discount!

Do you like Rockport shoes and boots? Would you a like a coupon for $10 off Rockport footwear? If the answer is yes, dear readers, then read on…

To get your free Rockport coupon, you have to select your province, and the nearest store to you. It then shows you a unique coupon for your local store which you can then print out and take with you to make your purchase.

I like the Rockport range of ladies footwear. I have never owned any of their shoes, but they do look really comfortable. As for the men’s range, they look great as well – their casual shoes look trendy but comfy. If you’d like to browse their ranges, there’s a full catalogue on their website. Ginger over on the gingercorsair blog highly recommends Rockport shoes, as you can see in their blog post here.


  • Ginger
    Hey, thanks for the linkage! I've reviewed a bunch of other products, too for those that are interested. Rockports really are great shoes! I can't wait to get my next pair for the summer! :)
  • Anna
    No probs GInger :)

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