PJ's Pets / Pets Unlimited: Free $20 Gift Card With $40 Purchase


Any Bargainmoosers with pets? There's a decent deal happening at PJ's Pets / Pets Unlimited just now. If you spend $40 or more in-store, you get a free gift card for a future purchase, for $20 discount on a $40 spend.

Once you have your $20 gift card, you can then use it towards a purchase of $40 or more, between the 18th and 31st July 2011.

So technically, you're going to end up spending $60 for $80 worth or merchandise. If you generally spend a lot on pet supplies or equipment, then it would be a good idea to take advantage of this offer.

I know a family that has four husky dogs, and they much go through a huge amount of dog food - they'd be very expensive! I'll be emailing them this deal to let them know that they can save quite a bit if they wish.

They ran this promotion back here in May 2011 as well, did anyone take advantage of it then?

Thanks to Undertow851 on Flickr.

(Ends 30th June 2011)

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