25% off Lifetime License of CleanMyMac

Have a dirty Apple? MacPaw wants to help you shine it up with a discounted copy of CleanMyMac.

The site says you can get the 25% discount with the Macpaw coupon code BCKSCL but you have to click the "Buy with discount" button to get the deal. The discount is only for the Lifetime license. It is  regularly $29.95 but you get it for $22.46.

I don't own a Mac and don't really know anything about this program, so I did some looking around. I looked at the user reviews on CNET and it has respectable a 4/5 stars. I ran through them and the vast majority of them are four or five stars. Under the "cons" section of the reviews I'm seeing a lot of people saying that they can't find any problems.

I've wrestled with using these programs for quite a while now. I'm what a lot of people would consider to be an "advanced" user so I can generally do anything a "cleaner" program can do on my own. The thing is that these programs are exactly that, computer programs. They never forget to check a folder where a human is far more likely to miss something.

(Expires: 14th September 2012)

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  • cindy
    I used to use this program routinely, and to date it has cleaned "32GB" of my harddrive. It looks for unnecessary files that may not be so intuitive or easy to remove (e.g., cases where certain apps have 40 languages included). While this app is useful when space is a premium, $20+ for an app that is not a basic necessity does seems pretty steep.

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