HaloPets: New Printable Coupons


For those dog owners who like Halo products, we have some Halo coupons for you and pooch.

You might also want to try signing up for the Halo newsletter, right now they seem to be advertising two free cans of Spot's Stew if you sign up. I can't test it unfortunately as I am already on their mailing list. If you test it, let me know!

Here is what Mooser Steve had to say about Halo:

Apart from Ellen Degeneres being co-owner of the company, I’ve researched and compared other brands to Halo, and we’ve decided to switch to Halo for our dogs and cats. The ingredients are human-grade, and the stew looks like home-cooked, with veggies and all! This is a wonderful product. Petsmart carries it in case you were wondering where to get it. Cheers.

All coupons expire November 15, 2010.


  • Lana
    I signed up for the newsletter and the coupon for 2 free cans expires 2 weeks after signup.
    • Avigayil
      Thanks so much! 2 cans of free dog food isn't bad for the time it takes to sign up to a newsletter. They are also rather sparing with their newsletters so you wont be bombarded.

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