Tim Hortons: Camp Day

Tim Hortons: Camp Day


Once in a while I do a post that has nothing to do with a 'deal' per-say: so feel free to ignore or glaze over this post as you see fit. Tomorrow, June 1st, is Camp Day. Camp Day is the 1 day a year when us Canadians buy a Tim Horton's coffee, and all the proceeds go to charity: the charity of sending kids who couldn't otherwise afford it... to camp.

I like charity, and I like big companies that do decent stuff like this. I don't consider it buying a coffee: more making a donation and getting a coffee in return. In that way, it is a deal to me... and then I will give the coffee to someone who drinks that stuff :D

So I am hoping our Moosers remember Camp Day tomorrow, Wednesday, and buy coffee! Lets send kids to camp!


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