The Bike That's Also a Washing Machine! The Coolest Machine Ever!?

The Bike That's Also a Washing Machine! The Coolest Machine Ever!?

Are you ready for a balance of health and convenience in your life? Check out this Bike Washing Machine! This machine will help you get a perfect figure while diminishing your loads of laundry. What more could you ask for? A genius somewhere in this world has invented the B.W.M. - otherwise known as the Bike Washing Machine.

This isn't available in stores at the current moment, but I am hoping it will be. I would set this up in front of the television and watch my favourite show while exercising and finishing the laundry. We women are built to multi-task. Aren't we? Hey! Maybe I can even convince the kids to give it a go. Could you imagine... the kids doing the laundry?! I may have a heart attack yet.

So how does this thing work? Is it basically a stationary exercise bike. Instead of a front wheel, it has a drum that your laundry can go in. When you pedal the cycle, you give the washing machine the energy to wash your clothes. I guess the part that is still up in the air is the drainage. How will water get in and out of the machine? Where will you attach it? Surely you won't always want to cycle in the basement or laundry room.

We will definitely be on the hunt for future details about this product, so be sure to stay tuned. I hope this becomes available in stores soon. I will be yelling "take my money!!".


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