The Bargainmoose @ BlogWest Canada

The Bargainmoose @ BlogWest Canada

I had the pleasure of attending BlogWest Canada a week ago as the Bargainmoose representative. BlogWest is a brand new conference created to network with, and educate bloggers. Sessions ranged from lessons on Wordpress to creating meaningful content. Many questions from fellow bloggers centered around the relationship between the readers and the blogger, and how to maintain a positive relationship.

The conference was an excellent learning experience for me, and I was happy to attend. I think what surprised me most was how adept bloggers are at social media. During the entire conference you were pretty much getting a play-by-play on twitter from click happy bloggers. It was totally wicked!

I hope to use my newly acquired knowledge from the conference to make the Bargainmoose even better than ever. I also think that you, our readers, all deserve a really big thank you! We appreciate your readership and we certainly wouldn't be here without it. Feel free to leave comments and strike up conversations either on the blog or the forum telling us what you want, what you think and anything else!

- Avigayil


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