Sobeys & Shoppers: Customers Are Dicks & Morons!

Sobeys & Shoppers: Customers Are Dicks & Morons!

OK, I know my title was a bit rude, but I feel a bit angry after seeing some nasty comments on Facebook groups.

I was actually looking for some Canadian store's Facebook pages to join up to. Sometimes they communicate good offers through Facebook, offers which I could share with you guys on the Bargainmoose blog. But for some stores, I saw some nasty comments from employees, which I really do not think are appropriate.

Let's take a look on a Shoppers Drug Mart facebook page. Shopper's employee Mathew writes:

Yeah, the problem that I have with shoppers isn't the store, its the morons who come in. Seriously, people leave their common sense behind when they come in. Every time I work I have to put up with so much stupidity it is unfathomable. So, if you are a profoundly idiotic person, or just a plain old puddledrinker, do not come into Shoppers Drug Mart! We don't need any more people like you!


Really Mathew? That's a lovely way to think of your customers.

What about Ryan over on a Sobey's employee facebook page? When referring to customers watching him pack their bags, he states:

What dicks. can they f*ckin help?


Lovely language Ryan!

There's more fun in the Costco Canada facebook group too, where customers are referred to as idiots and assholes.

So folks, if you work for a major chain store, please don't vent your anger on Facebook. You're entitled to your opinion, but to share it with the entire world is quite unbelievable and wholly unprofessional.

I'm off to drink some puddles.


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  • dinchan
    Do companies not realize how bad this makes them look? Wow... just wow... I'll admit that having worked in a grocery store I had enough complaints about some of the customers, but it seems common sense NOT to post these comments on the store's official Facebook page.
    • dinchan
      My mistake, these aren't the store's official facebook pages, but employee groups. STILL... have some common sense people!
      • Tallgirl
        Wow! Truly unbelievable. I bet some d!cks and morons will be getting fired very soon.
        • Anna
          Yeah employee groups dinchan... but even so!!
          • Jules
            What!? Cannot believe they would write that about people, for everyone to see
            • The H.
              Who wants to bet these "moron"-haters and "dick"-haters will be lifers working at these places? Silly people.
              • azac
                I was invited one time to join my workplace's employee group and when I checked it out, I wanted nothing to do with it. Pretty much the same thing as Anna describes. Whatever happened to discretion?
                • Niki
                  I agree that it's not a good place to air grievances, but I think anyone who works in any form of customer service, including clerks & waiters, needs to have some place to vent, and I can see how finding a place with people in similar situations would be somewhat theraputic. "The Public" can certainly be stupid, but don't take it personally, especially if you know you are not one of them. Perhaps the groups should be private, if they are not the official store's pages.
                  • Joy
                    I think its funny that some of these wonderful people are stupid enough to post their picture and where they live! There are many companies these days that have hired people just to search the web for their employees posting things like this so they can fire them! Maybe if the employees treated customers like customers and not like they are doing us a favor for doing their job, people would treat them better. There will still be some stupid customers but many will treat you better!
                    • willowsprite
                      Sigh... It is quite sad how some people are completely open about their opinions...some just don't think before they type and come off as completely immature. The bag boy was pretty funny...complaining about people not helping him do a job HE is paid to do... I used to be on Facebook but I deleted my account because I was just sick and tired of knowing everything about everyone, and seeing things that I didn't really want to see. Whatever job I had, I always did my best, because I was expected to do so, I felt obliged, and I was paid to do my job! If I ever had a customer that was being silly or whatever, I would never tell the world about it. When you're in customer service you have to be polite and not gripe! Find s new job if you can't handle it. Sheesh.
                      • don't r.
                        I haven't looked at the links you provided but... quite often, anybody can join up and say they are an employee. Unless you can prove that the people posting are who they say they are, then you can't be sure that these people aren't just trying to cause problems for the company. Examples: 15-year old kid having some fun. Ex-employee with an axe to grind. I'm sure you can think of others.
                        • Kris
                          Costco does understand how bad this makes everyone look. Doing this sort of thing is now cause for immediate termination. Costco has already fired more than one employee for making rude and just plain stupid comments on sites such as Facebook. If you are stupid enough to insult the people that keep you in business, and therefore pay your mortgage, you don't deserve your job.
                          • islandlakes
                            Hopefully the employees who have so little regard for discretion and for customers will get weeded out by this stuff. It gives supervisors what they need to fire them, hopefully.
                            • Anna
                              Very odd... I believe John and Anne are the same person, just so the Bargainmoosers know :)