Shielding Baby From Sun While In Stroller Can Be Dangerous

Shielding Baby From Sun While In Stroller Can Be Dangerous

When I read from Global News that medical researchers in Sweden were warning parents against the danger of draping draping blankets over strollers when it's hot outside, I looked up regular temps in Sweden in the summer time. They reach around 20 degrees celcius, max.

When comparing that to Canada's hot summers, either the Prairie provinces with their dry heat, or the humid East or West coast heat where we have temps that run much higher than 20 degrees C, I know this is a very dangerous situation where parents need to be warned.

If blankets (even thin cotton ones), are draped over a baby stroller or carriage to protect baby from the sun's heat and rays, a Thermos-like effect can occur since air doesn't circulate properly in those conditions.

Children and babies more so, can become quickly dehydrated which can suddenly turn into heat exhaustion, possibly leading to heat stroke.

At 22 degrees C, a stroller draped with a blanket can have the temperature inside with baby increase to 34 degrees in just half an hour.

I think this scenario is much like a hot car, being trapped inside. Young babies are so helpless that can't move the blanket or even tell us what's wrong. A baby could be calling out for help crying and maybe Mom tries to rocks them to sleep thinking the cover is helping baby to stay cool.

If trying to shield baby or toddler from the sun when using a blanket, leaving a huge open air gap can help immensely. Really, you want it to be more of a shade over top, rather than surrounding them.

This universal style stroller/carriage parasol is an ideal design to keep baby protected but cooler. It provides UV ray protection and is water repellent as well. is fulfilling the orders for Amazon Marketplace Seller MightyHand for $29.19. Shipping is free. There are all sorts of alternatives you can use that won't encapsulate the heat inside a stroller or carriage the way a blanket can.

Please share this with your friends and family to get the word out. We all seem to know about the dangers of heat being trapped in cars, but who knew how hot this type of situation with strollers and carriages can actually get?


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  • Colleen G.

    What a wonderful alternative to draping with a blanket, which I'm sure every mother has done with the best of intentions. I will definitely share this with mom's I know!