RECALL: Mr. Christie's Arrowroot Biscuits!

RECALL: Mr. Christie's Arrowroot Biscuits!

If you have a young one gnawing on Arrowroot Biscuits by Mr. Christie's right now - then you will want to know about this recall. Just yesterday, Mr. Christie's Arrowroot Biscuits were set to be recalled due to an "off-taste" that has caused some illnesses. Consumers should not proceed to eat the included cookies, but refund them for unaffected ones or your money back instead.

There have been sicknesses reported due to this recall, and they are still unsure what has caused the "off-taste", but it is better to be safe than sorry of course. If you have a recalled product in your home, just bring it into the store you purchased it from and get an exchange or refund.

Here are the Arrowroot Biscuits included in this recall:

This recall was actually triggered by the company, but the CFIA is conducting a food safety investigation which may lead to other products being recalled.


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  • Bev B.

    Wonder why they are still have them on the shelves...bought a box yesterday

    • Habs

      Only the ones with those specific best before dates are affected

    • Lois H.

      I have a quarter of a box left, same UPC code but different expiry date? Gonna chuck them anyway

      • Ashley B.

        Thats the same thing i was wondering. I have the 1.4 kg box it has a different expiry date but the same upc code as the effected products

        • Marian F.

          The upc will be the same no matter when the product was made or when it expires. It's how companies can sell the items....

          • Deanna B.

            I have the opposite. Same expiry date but different code!

          • Cheryl O.

            Wish it would list what the illness this has been linked to when ppl eat them

            • Wendy A.

              , . If you have these for your wee ones you should read this and check the dates!!

              • Christie S.

                Thanks Wendy i do have these so will check :/

                • Christie S.

                  Geez i do have one on the list. ... hope its not something thats been hurting her!

                  • Wendy A.

                    oh my gosh! Scary! I am sure it is ok. Stupid world we live in cant even feed our kids without worrying! :rage:

                  • Carrie G.

                    We just ate some with the same upc, but different expiry date. They tasted fine. Should I throw them out?

                    • Amanda F.

                      My best before date is sept 2016

                      • Andrea R.

                        Had 2 boxes emailed about off taste over a month ago was told I would get coupons In the mail to replace have never received coupons and was told they probably weren't stored Properly before getting to the shelf.

                        • Trish K.

                          I never even got a reply when I emailed the company. :confused:

                        • Tanyaandpierre L.

                          Check out the upc codes listed on the link...hope you feel better

                          • Nicole H.

                            I bought these and noticed they tasted off and had others try them but no one could taste what I was's hard to explain almost like a musty taste like they have sat around way to long..

                            • Diane L.

                              Exactly what happened to me. They tasted mouldy. I even checked the date on the box thought they had expired.

                            • Lisa P.

                              We have a bulk box on the recall list

                              • Ryan K.

                                I literally just ate a box of these....:neutral_face:

                                • J.M. C.

                                  Don't be a big baby

                                  • Ryan K.

                                    pun intended? LOL

                                    • J.M. C.

                                      you bet

                                    • catlover

                                      Hubby and I have both had bad gastric symptoms recently and have the 1.4 kg box with the feb 21 expiry date.  Seeing our GP on monday

                                      • Amanda D.

                                        Do we just take these to the store an exchange them? Even if we don't have a receipt anymore? I have two boxes both matching recalls

                                        • Yuet C.

                                          Even no receipt you can get a refund on the recall items if they match the criteria, e.g. kind, expiry, size, etc

                                          • Amanda D.

                                            Yuet Chan thanks!

                                            • Yuet C.


                                            • Kristine A.

                                              Thanks! My mom had one too!! Looks like it's ice cream only...haha

                                              • Charlene K.

                                                Thank you for sharing, I did not see this!!!

                                                • Linda P.

                                                  I bought mine at Costco and the expiry date is Feb 22,2017 but the UPC code dosen't match any of them.

                                                  • Mgb

                                                    unbelievable.. We had a box in the house about three weeks ago. I said they tasted off, almost like a chemical taste, no one else could taste it though.  We had a bought of illness too, just around that time. 

                                                    • Melanie B.

                                                      I knew they didn't taste right!

                                                      • Laura L.

                                                        Well I guess I'll be throwing them out. I bought mine from Costco and threw out the box already. Ugh what is safe to buy anymore. Just sad

                                                        • linnett

                                                          Thanks for the heads up, bought a box at Costco last week, needless to say they are going back.