RECALL - Honda Recalls 53,000 Odyssey Minivans

RECALL - Honda Recalls 53,000 Odyssey Minivans

I am a minivan momma and proud of it resigned to it. All my fellow minivan driving moms may want to take note. Honda Canada announced that it is recalling nearly 53,000 Odyssey minivans including model years from 2011 to 2016. The reason for the recall is that the second row of seats may not lock in the event of a crash.

Odyssey owners affected by the recall will be notified by mail sometime in mid-February. However, the parts to fix the problem will not be available until the spring. Honda asks that owners of recalled Odysseys to make arrangements to take them to authorized dealers as soon as they learn that replacement parts are available.

No injuries or crashes have been reported as a part of this recall. The recall is part of a larger recall in the United States which involves 634,000 Odyssey minivans.

If you have any questions, you can call 1-888-9HONDA9.


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  • Kelly M.

    , isn't this what you have? Watch for your recall notice and keep those beautiful wee ones safe :)

    • Tracy C.

      Thank you ! :pensive: We are looking into it nowson

    • Kirsten K.

      We have one of the affected vans. :unamused:

      • Nicole E.

        is this the van you have?

      • Kristen I.

        Thanks for having our back Nicole! We shopped Toyota for that purchase :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

        • Nicole G.

          Ugh our van is affected too.

          • Ben D.

            Thanks . Luckily my Odyssey is older than these. :grinning:

            • Sharlene C.

              - I wasn't sure what year yours was...I guess they aren't making them like they use to!!

              • Angela N.

                Thanks for thinking of me but mine is older than the affected models :heart:

                • Nicole H.

                  well...ok then Ladies :wink:

                  • Brooke K.

                    Thanks. Mine would be in there :(

                    • Jackie G.

                      Thanks Ali- going to check it out!

                      • almom

                        I had this seat flipping happen with my van my 4 year old was thrown into the drivers seat luckily he is still in his 5 point car seat.  His car seat hit hit his actual body he was just jostled from the flip not injured.  Ridiculous if it were my 5 year old in his booster he would have been hurt!!!