Patrull Baby Gates Recalled For Safety Risks @ Ikea

Patrull Baby Gates Recalled For Safety Risks @ Ikea

We have some very important news! Ikea Canada has announced today that there is a recall on the IKEA PATRULL safety gates. There have been a few reports of this gate opening unexpectedly, which is a serious safety concern for our little ones. I urge you, please, immediately stop using this gate and bring it back to your local IKEA to get a full refund.

These Patrull gates are the most dangerous when they are used at the top of the stairs. Actually, I have this gate and I use it exactly for that. It stops my dogs and toddler from going down the basement stairs. If your child leans on this gate, it can open unexpectedly which would cause your little bundle of joy to fall down the stairs. Scary! While there have been no reports of this in Canada, it has happened in other areas of the world.

So dismantle your IKEA PATRULL gates immediately, and head on over to your local IKEA to get a full refund on the product. IKEA states that all of their products are tested to applicable standards, but a third party testing investigation was completed and it has been brought to light that the locking mechanisms on these gates are not reliable enough for the safety of our children.

The PATRULL safety gate, PATRULL KLAMMA, and PATRULL FAST have all been sold on all IKEA markets.

Do you know anyone that is currently using this baby gate?!


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