Nutella Café Now Open @ Sobeys?!

Nutella Café Now Open @ Sobeys?!


Okay. Moosers. We have some awesome news that will definitely get you moving and on your way to your local Sobeys. Sobeys has started opening their new Nutella Cafés - which is Canada's very first. So far the first location has opened at the Toronto Sobeys Urban Fresh location, but there are plans to open more across Canada. I live close enough to Toronto that I might have to sneak over and try it out for myself if they take too long opening one near me.

At the Nutella Café you will find a delicious assortment of artisan breads and pastries made with Nutella, topped with Nutella or even flavoured like Nutella. It is all about Nutella. You will find bombe, aragosta, zeppole, pizelle, butter croissants and even danishes topped with this delicious hazelnut spread. They will even be offering fresh made-to-order crepes covered in Nutella or delicious Nutella hot beverages.

Nutella has definitely become a craze. On Facebook feeds we are constantly seeing recipes that incorporate this stuff, and to be honest you can occasionally find me eating it out of the jar with a spoon. Sobeys is hoping that their Nutella Cafés will surprise and delight customers with unique experiences - and I think it will do the trick. Sobeys is the first Canadian company to offer a Nutella Café, and I can see this being a dangerous aspect to my waist line.

While I do adore Nutella, I also realize that it should be a treat that I enjoy once in a while. I know that Nutella had some issues previously. They were advertising their product as a healthy part of your breakfast and were proven wrong. It does contain a lot of sugar and palm oil, which does not entirely make it healthy. But it is a delicious treat that I will enjoy with my kiddo once in a while! There is no mention as to what the pricing is like as yet, but I can fill you once I have made the trip to fill my belly with Nutella products. Yummy! Get in my belly!!!

Moosers, do you love Nutella and are you excited for the Nutella Café?


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  • TOMoose
    This opened in my hood. Mostly skinny girls who could afford to eat that stuff were ordering things. Unfortunately, I'm allergic to hazelnuts so have never tasted this stuff. Might buy a coffee from there though.