No Roll Up the Rim Message on Tim Hortons Cups

No Roll Up the Rim Message on Tim Hortons Cups

Did you roll up your rim and not find anything? That's what's been happening to people in Newfoundland and Labrador during this round of Tim Hortons' Roll Up the Rim to Win contest.

Instead of finding out whether they won a prize or not, a few Tims customers aren't getting any messages at all.

It doesn't look like Tim Hortons has released an official statement about this yet, but a representative told CBC News that the printing error only happened to "Please play again" cups distributed throughout Alberta and Atlantic Canada. So if you got a misprint and you're hoping it'll lead to a new car, try again.

No one's quite sure how many cups have been affected, but anyone who draws a blank can go to a Tim Hortons location and get a free replacement cup filled with a hot beverage.


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  • Lisa R.

    Switch to McDonalds :coffee::blush:

    • Steve S.

      Don't have that problem at Mcdonalds...and the coffee is much better and it's $1.00 all sizes till march 5th

      • Fisnik K.

        I agree the coffee is better, except for you got to wait like 6 minutes to get a coffee at 5 am.

        • Terri M.

          So true....:angry:

          • Bridgette M.

            McDonald’s you wait 15 minutes for a tea and ppl have orders breakfast meals come and gone ..still waiting for tea..yup I got just a little bitter..just a little

            • Fisnik K.

              McDonald's doesn't seem to want to hustle the same as Tim's

            • Amanda D.

              Timmy’s shooting blanks:joy:

              • Amanda D.

                And of course they are all the please play again cups !!!!

              • Chrissie P.

                The "please play again" guy couldn't take it anymore.

                • Heather B.


                  • Jason G.

                    Even the minimum wage lid printer can’t do his job right.

                    • Christina M.

                      Tim Horton’s has gone downhill in ALL aspects of their business for some years now. Coffee cups being served already unrolled, moldy meats being served in their supposedly ‘fresh’ sandwiches, employees chit chatting while customers are waiting (some patiently and some not so patiently) and standing beside a pile of garbage bags located outside of the garbage bins .... and these are all things I have seen. Who knows what else is going on. Their ‘Fresh’ reputation is no longer ... I go anywhere else now for my coffee

                      • Chari W.

                        I’m so done with that nonsense

                        • Trish Q.

                          Tim’s is definitely not the place it used to be. I never go there anymore. :disappointed:

                          • KaylaS

                            Not to mention 80% of their food menu is not even available or made after like 7pm, including their namesake doughnuts

                            • KaylaS

                              And if you needed one more reason to switch to McD's the McCafe FREE hot beverage rewards card incentive may do it!