McDonalds Introduces Home Delivery

McDonalds Introduces Home Delivery

Oh this could be dangerous. Happy Meals delivered right to my doorstep for those days that lunch is just not going to happen. McDonald's is planning to introduce home delivery in Canada.

McDonalds already provides home delivery in China, South Korea and Singapore. Earlier this week McDonalds hinted that it will expand its delivery service in its five top markets including US, France, UK, Germany and Canada. In Canada, 75 percent of the population lives within three miles (5 km) of a McDonald's restaurant.

The restaurant chain is also proposing several other changes including a mobile order and pay service which will allow customers to order from their phone and pick up their meal at the counter. This service allows customers to skip the drive-thru window and have their order delivered curbside.

McDonalds recently introduced all-day breakfast and an app with coupons. Clearly the chain is making a lot of changes.

I better hit up the gym now. Writing this is making me hungry.


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  • Kristy M.

    Hahaha!!! Will save Chris from contacting managers at the end of the night!

    • Krista H.

      Lol- I would like 10 orders of nuggets please...

    • Bonnie J.

      Let's all just lay around our houses and let all those McCalories and McCarbs go right into body fat and not put any effort into being active getting it.

      • Savannah L.

        Hopping in my car and sitting in the drive thru isn't exactly active either lol but hangover me would love not having to leave the house for McShits

      • Charles M.

        24 hours McDonalds and late night nuggets :thinking:

        • Heather V.

          But wouldn't it be cold by the time it gets delivered? The fries get cold so fast

          • Jane W.

            How about I get real breakfast instead of this watered down version I got :unamused: