McDonalds Restaurants for Those with Nut Allergies... What You Need to Know

McDonalds Restaurants for Those with Nut Allergies... What You Need to Know

Canadian children enjoy eating at McDonald's from time to time as a special treat or when on the go between activities such as hockey and dance. Who doesn't love a Happy Meal? For those children who experience a frightening and inconvenient nut allergy, McDonald's was a place they could go to, feeling safe that the only nuts served were in individual sealed packets.

However, now that McDonald's has introduced the Skor McFlurry, (in which the Skor bar in it contains almonds), McDonald's Canada has stated on their website that all of its other products may contain or come in contact with peanuts, tree nuts or other allergens.

People who experience anaphylactic reactions from nuts understand that it can bring on hives, swelling of the tongue, making it hard to breathe. Worst of all - it can be fatal.

I love Skor bars just as much as the next person and would love to eat a Skor McFlurry but certainly not at the expense of severely inconveniencing even one child.

What do you think about their decision to stray away from their previous method (individual packaged nuts) of making the restaurants safe for those with nut allergies? Besides the approx. 2.5 million Canadians with allergies, family and friends of those affected will also choose to make other dining choices when dining with the person who has the allergy. Knowing how many Canadians will be affected by this decision, it seems as though it could potentially decrease business rather than increase it.

Is there a suitable solution? Why not create a similar 'Skor' type of McFlurry treat where they use butter toffee and chocolate but without the almonds. Or, give the option of adding slivered almonds on top via individual packets (to go back to their previous method.)

How does this affect your family and friends? Please share this with those who you know will be affected by this decision. Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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  • Momma2As

    This definitely affects our family as my son who is 5 is allergic to nuts. McDonald's was our safe spot for when the kids were getting treated to a happy meal. Now, yes this causes me some terror and I'll probably opt not to get him anything here. Any suggestions on anywhere safe for nut allergies?

    • Keera

      Bummer. Our boy has both an egg and almond allergy. He can't eat most McDonalds food due to the egg, but he could eat their sundaes.  Now he won't be able to eat them I guess.  

      Sadly, this is just a reality that people with allergies deal with every day. It sucks, but by law there is no requirement to make places allergy friendly (accept schools which in most cases only accommodate nut allergies). 

      I'm not happy with McDonalds decision, but not surprised either.  

      • Noahsmum

        I am not happy with McDonald's decision.  My 5 year old doesn't have allergies but my 1.5 year old has nut allergies and minor egg and dairy allergies.