Happy New Year Moosers!

Happy New Year Moosers!


These are the first words of 2011 on Bargainmoose. I hope you had a good night last night, and brought the new year in with some fun. I didn't do anything as I wasn't feeling very well, but I made sure to get a kiss at midnight :)

During 2010, we've had some memorable moments here on Bargainmoose. Here's a quick recap:

One of the most memorable things for me was the addition of Avigayil as a new writer on Bargainmoose. She's got a nose for a hot deal, and shares the best bargains with you every day. Every month, she and I are bringing you more and more deals, with 300 separate offers in December 2010 having been the busiest month ever. And we'll hopefully be adding more authors soon, and bringing you even more good deals!

These deals are still ongoing, but Avigayil and I have been covering as much of the good boxing day sales as possible. We hope you've been getting some great bargains!

One of the most popular purchases by the Moosers in the last while was the Roots tote bag from Chapters, which Avigayil posted about here and here. Quite a few of you nabbed those deals!

I've done quite a few giveaways on Bargainmoose over the year, with the most popular being the iPad contest. I hope to have many more cool contests for you guys in 2011! If any Canadian merchants are reading this and want to donate a prize to my Moosers, just drop me a line.

We also introduced advertising on Bargainmoose, in the form of the exclusive Mooser coupons over in the sidebar to the right. I personally don't like getting hit in the face with giant ads when I am browsing websites, so I hope that our ads are useful but unobtrusive. Again, if any Canadian store are reading this and want to advertise here, drop me a line.

In the next few months, you might be seeing some changes on Bargainmoose. I'm not going to give everything away, but I will ease you into it very gently with the introduction of user profiles in the next few months. It simply means you will be able to sign in to Bargainmoose with your username, choose an avatar, track your posts of interest and comments, etc. That will be the first step... then we'll see what new features we can introduce throughout the year. For the past two and a half years, we've just been a simple blog format, so I hope to move away from that eventually.

Now, over to you guys who actually read this far down the page - is there anything you would like to see on Bargainmoose in the coming year? Give me ideas in the comments below please.

Thanks MJ Cobweb!


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  • Steven
    I'd like to see the addition of links to contests and sweepstakes offers outside of Bargainmoose...there's power in numbers...one person cannot find them all, but a group of Bargainmooser's could certainly! Second idea would be to offer the ability to buy into a Bargainmoose group lottery ticket each week...can you imagine splitting the jackpot amongst participating Bargainmoosers?! Happy New Year Anna and all my fellow Bargainmoosers!
    • J
      Bargainmoose is a pretty tight-knit community. With the introduction of user profiles, I would like to see a For Sale section where users can sell stuff they don't need anymore. They would submit the posting, then you and Avigayil will put in your opinions about the price, etc. Eg. Product A is currently selling for Price X at Store Y. Basically, any unbiased opinion that will help another user decided.. this will be much better than using Craigslist or Kijiji.
      • Anna
        Thanks for the ideas folks, will look into them! I would definitely like to see a daily roundup of good contests, perhaps will find a new author to get on that one :)
        • Tania
          I'd love to be able to fill out a user profile, as you said, and state the types of sites and stores I'm most interested in so I could get personalized notifications or email updates! Also, more contests :)
          • Sandy
            Think you are all doing a great job...can't wait to see what new stuff you have in store for us :)
            • Melanie
              You've helped me spend lots of money since discovering Bargainmoose but when I'm spending I know it's a great deal. Thanks for your hard work and being Canadian :) You're doing great!