Giveaway Of 10 Free Scarves PLUS Join Facebook Group To Donate $1 To Heart Disease

Giveaway Of 10 Free Scarves PLUS Join Facebook Group To Donate $1 To Heart Disease

*** Expired ***


I got a press release through to let me know about Becel’s Love Your Heart program. I usually don't post about these kind of things as they are not really deals, but I thought this one was worth a mention.

If you join the Love Your Heart Facebook group, Becel will donate $1 to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, for the first 25,000 people who join (so up to $25,000). So if you are on Facebook, just click here to join:

It's a great idea and a good cause.

But they have gone one step further, and offered me 10 free scarves to give away to Bargainmoosers (expired)! The image above is the actual scarf patterns.

If you would like to be in with a chance of winning one, just pop a comment below. I'll randomly select 10 people and will email for their address details at a later stage - so just make sure to include a valid email address in the appropriate field (only I can see it).

(Giveaway ends on the 1st March 2010, Canadian entrants only)


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  • Michelle
    This is such a worthy cause! Thanks for the post.
    • Mary
      should be so mych more heart awareness
      • Keri
        Thanks BargainMoose - this is a great cause that should be supported!
        • No N.
          This is a great cause! The scarves look nice, too!
          • emarie
            awesome, would love to win :)
            • Kim
              Agreed that it's a good cause, and the scarves are pretty cute!
              • May
                The third pattern is just gorgeous!
                • Tracy
                  Such a great cause, great margarine, and I love the scarves!
                  • Jenny
                    I love bargainmoose:)
                    • PMcCormick
                      I always support the Heart and Stroke since my husband has already suffered two heart attacks! He had his first one at the age of 55 so one never knows. The scarfs are beautiful, I'd be honoured to wear one!
                      • Karen S.
                        oh, cute scarves!
                        • joy
                          great cause and giveaway
                          • Avigayil
                            Strokes in my family... I don't know a family these days not affected by heart disease. Pretty scarves too.
                            • Cherie M.
                              Awesome, I will join and would be great to win!
                              • Ashley
                                I think this is a wonderful cause. I would be honoured to have that beautiful scarf to promote awareness.. :)
                                • Ashley
                                  Wow, what a nice offer! I would love to be entered. =)
                                  • Kim
                                    It is a great cause and I love scarves to brighten my outfits!
                                    • Julie
                                      Awesome! LOVE the scarves and such a worthy cause!
                                      • Wen
                                        bargain moose is the best! i hope you and baby-moose are doing well. i love seeing the extra mommy bargains!
                                        • Gloria
                                          This is such a good cause! I do not have facebook but I'm going to make an account so i can join the group, after all every dollar counts. Thank you for posting this!