Giveaway Of 10 Free Scarves PLUS Join Facebook Group To Donate $1 To Heart Disease

*** Expired ***


I got a press release through to let me know about Becel’s Love Your Heart program. I usually don't post about these kind of things as they are not really deals, but I thought this one was worth a mention.

If you join the Love Your Heart Facebook group, Becel will donate $1 to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, for the first 25,000 people who join (so up to $25,000). So if you are on Facebook, just click here to join:

It's a great idea and a good cause.

But they have gone one step further, and offered me 10 free scarves to give away to Bargainmoosers (expired)! The image above is the actual scarf patterns.

If you would like to be in with a chance of winning one, just pop a comment below. I'll randomly select 10 people and will email for their address details at a later stage - so just make sure to include a valid email address in the appropriate field (only I can see it).

(Giveaway ends on the 1st March 2010, Canadian entrants only)


  • Michelle
    This is such a worthy cause! Thanks for the post.
  • Mary
    should be so mych more heart awareness
  • Keri
    Thanks BargainMoose - this is a great cause that should be supported!
  • No N.
    This is a great cause! The scarves look nice, too!
  • emarie
    awesome, would love to win :)
  • Kim
    Agreed that it's a good cause, and the scarves are pretty cute!
  • May
    The third pattern is just gorgeous!
  • Tracy
    Such a great cause, great margarine, and I love the scarves!
  • Jenny
    I love bargainmoose:)
  • PMcCormick
    I always support the Heart and Stroke since my husband has already suffered two heart attacks! He had his first one at the age of 55 so one never knows. The scarfs are beautiful, I'd be honoured to wear one!
  • Karen S.
    oh, cute scarves!
  • joy
    great cause and giveaway
  • Avigayil
    Strokes in my family... I don't know a family these days not affected by heart disease. Pretty scarves too.
  • Cherie M.
    Awesome, I will join and would be great to win!
  • Ashley
    I think this is a wonderful cause. I would be honoured to have that beautiful scarf to promote awareness.. :)
  • Ashley
    Wow, what a nice offer! I would love to be entered. =)
  • Kim
    It is a great cause and I love scarves to brighten my outfits!
  • Julie
    Awesome! LOVE the scarves and such a worthy cause!
  • Wen
    bargain moose is the best! i hope you and baby-moose are doing well. i love seeing the extra mommy bargains!
  • Gloria
    This is such a good cause! I do not have facebook but I'm going to make an account so i can join the group, after all every dollar counts. Thank you for posting this!
  • Char
    Thanks for posting. My husband has heart problems and we always support the heart and stroke foundation, These hopefully will represent the importance of this foundation just as the pink ribbon does for Cancer. Wearing one of these ranks right up there with wearing the ribbon and red for our troops Proud to wear both
  • Jonnie H.
    Great giveaway and such an important cause to everybody!
  • Ten10
    What a great idea!!
  • Sarah
    BargainMoose - I'm a new follower - love your site! Those scarves look lovely!
  • Jessica
    What a pretty scarf and what a great cause! Thanks for holding the contest too : )
  • Shannon
    I'm in! They look great! And a great cause. Thanks!
  • patricia
    Thank you for sharing this great cause. I lost my mother to heart disease so I am very positive about this promotion. Lovely scarves, great cause, what a wonderful combination. Thanks agian!
  • Lori
    What a nice way to bring visability to this issue - the scarves are beautiful and bring awareness at the same time.
  • anna
    love your <3 !
  • Trisha T.
    What a great way to spread the word about heart disease. My FIL died 5 years ago from a stroke and it was quite devastating to all of us. I'd love to win a scarf to wear in honor of him.
  • MJ
    Please count me in too! And thanks for the giveaway =)
  • Yumiko
    Scarf me! ;)
  • Adrienne
    Such a great cause!! thanks for the post
  • Jessie
    What a beautifully designed promotional scarf for the Heart Truth campaign! I especially love the campaign symbol. I still have my red dress pin from Becel. : )
  • kim
    Since losing my Dad this is the charity I support the most. Even my kids do their part in raising money for the heart and stroke foundation! Great promotion for a great cause! Thanks!
  • Deirdre
    this is great! fantastic cause! thank you, Bargain Moose!
  • Cassie
    This is a cause that's definitely worth being a facebook friend for!
  • Candace
    Great website!!!!!!!!
  • Cuteheart
    Heart disease has been in our family for thank you for supporting this great cause! I would be honoured to wear one of the scarves! xo
  • Ruth
    Thanks for the link - have signed up to support a very worthy cause. Recently found your website and am loving the deals you've been posting!
  • anna
    what a cute giveaway
  • Paula
    Thank you for helping Becel support the Heart and Stroke Foundation. I would love to win one of these scarves. I especially like the center and right designs. Thanks again!
  • Blanca
    One word: Beautiful. Beautiful cause, beautiful scarves.
  • Amy
    Such a great cause! The scarves are nice too!
  • Joanne
    What a great cause, it would be great to wear a scarf in honor of it, to wear it like a badge proudly. I hope that they raise lots for it.
  • liz
    Please enter me in the contest! What a wonderful gift from Becel!
  • Heather
    great cause and beautiful scarves :)
  • Melissa
    I have bcome such a fan of your site since joining a few months ago. This is just another one of your awesome posts. Keep the goodies and deals coming.
  • Michelle
    Those scarves are gorgeous!
  • LDC
    I absolutely LOVE that Becel is donating $25K to Heart & Stroke! Definitely a worthy cause. My favourite scarf is the third one pictured, the white one with the red dresses.
  • Jodie
    A great scarf & a great cause! The red & white scarf is gorgeous!
  • Deborah
    What a great idea that Becel is donating this amount to Heart & Stroke. Don't know if alot of people realize that Heart disease is the major cause of death for women not cancer as everything thinks. Way to go Becel for making a difference and bringing this to everyones attention!!
  • Stephanie
    What a great cause!
  • Ali
    What a great idea! I joined!
  • Kim
    What a great cause!!! I would love to win a scarf and wear it to promote heart disease!! Thanks for the post!!
  • Tara
    What beautiful scarves! I have already signed up for the facebook group too:)
  • Liz
    Will def join the FB group, it is such a good cause. The scarves are lovely and nice touch to subtly spread the word.
  • Nicole
    Heart disease affects almost everyone's family at some point and it sure has hit mine. Even if it doesn't affect yours directly it will affect someone you know. If you are a lucky poster to receive a scarf, wear it proudly in support of living disease free!
  • Denise
    Too many people die from heart disease, especially women. I'm 35 and recentley started to think more about this. I'm starting to eat better and excercise. I think this is a great cause and would proudly wear a scarf.
  • Louise
    I completely support heart disease, lost my father to it. My Mom LOVES the scarf and I would do anything for her, thus, trying to win her a scarf. Am going to join the Facebook group following this.
  • sandy
    Love the idea of sharing Becel's heart on facebook. Sadly, heart disease runs in my family, and I am taking a stand and speaking up so as to make my kids, siblings and friends aware of being heart friendly. Love the scarves, what a way to make others aware of their hearts. Good on you Becel !!!
  • Robyn
    I joined, what a great cause!
  • Helena
    Wow, what a great cause and Thank You for putting it on your site !!!!
  • WendyD
    I love the red and white one!
  • Kim
    Many people still think heart disease is a 'man's disease' when it's clearly not so this is a wonderful awareness campaign--both the Facebook group/donation and the scarf give-away. Anything that gets the word out about heart disease is good; and prevention, which is so important, starts with education. Kudos to both Becel & BargainMoose!
  • Emily
    I will join this group - and invite my friends! a great cause :)
  • Denise
    A wonderful cause and beautiful scarves!!
  • Corinne
    Love the scarves and a truly great cause.
  • Kady L.
    Lovely cause and lovely scarfs! Good on Becel! I'd be happy to wear one!
  • Lisa
    If you've got breasts or know someone who does, this is a cause you need to support. Luv the scarves!
  • SJ
    love the scarfs and its for a great cause! thanks for this chance
  • Paula
    Wow, what a great company to do this!
  • Marie
    Great cause and beautiful scarves! I would love one.
  • Pam
    Already sent tons if invites for the Facebook group! Thanks for the heads up!
  • Theresa
    I have joined~
  • Zizi R.
    I would like to win one for my mommy. thank you.
  • Missy
    the scarf on the model looks great. what a great promotion.
  • Jean
    Great idea, graet cause and beautiful scarves!
  • Carris
    They are all beautiful. What a great cause.
  • Shirley S.
    These are wonderful! I come from a family history of severe heart disease and am actually going through alot of testing now for my own heart as I am starting to have PVCs quite often. I would truly wear it with pride to all of my appointments with the Cardiologist office!!!!
  • Jenn
    Love the scarf pattern - and for a good cause!
  • Anne T.
    Fabulous scarves and a wonderful cause! Thanks
  • Lisa
    This is so great that Becel is making this donation to publicize a very important cause...and the scarves are a nice bonus!
  • natalie d.
    hi, I would love one of these scarves!
  • Shannon
    Great idea. The scarves look great and the cause is as well.
  • Mike D.
    Would love to pass one along as a gift to a special someone!
  • Zeenat H.
    What a great way to promote heart disease awareness! The scarf would be a great conversation starter!
  • Elonda
    What a great idea and would love opportunity to win a scarf, Thanks!!!
  • sheila
    what a great cause! and love the scarves =)
  • Amanda N.
    Heart disease runs in the family so I'm proud to join the FB group and wear a scarf in memory of my grandparents.
  • jody
    Great cause! My brother has heart failure, so I of course joined. I am loving the scarves by the way!
  • Kassandra
    beautiful scarves :)
  • Jaime
    Fantastic idea!!!
  • Precilla C.
    The scarves look great! I would love to have one!
  • Scott
    A great deal and a great cause!
  • Dora
    In a small way, remembering the great things that the Heart and Stroke foundation does is timely. Canadian figure skater Joannie Rochette lost her mom to heart disease just days ago. My heart goes out to her and her family.
  • Roxanne
    Thanks for the contest!
  • Caryn
    The red and white scarf is gorgeous.
  • Darlene
    I love a healthy heart and I would LOVE a scarf too!
  • Erin
    Great idea!
  • Lari
    Cool idea! And the scarves look pretty nifty ...;)
  • Lily
    It's great how social media can be used for a good cause!
  • Heather
    Great cause and how sweet of them to donate!
  • Norine
    A wonderful cause. I lost my father to heart disease and donate to this cause regularly. The scarves are lovely.
  • Kaitlen
    As previously said, its a good idea and a great cause!
  • Emma
    What a great cause and so easy to participate.
  • Sil
    I normally buy Becel so it's nice to know that they're doing something great!
  • Lisa I.
    great idea for a great cause!
  • Lara
    This is a great cause that I'm happy to help out (and the scarves are pretty awesome!!)
  • benita
    Awesome! The scarves look lovely. Go Becel!
  • jody
    If you buy Becel butter, you can get a scarf free, they are in the box around the butter!
  • Laura
    I saw offer in the grocery store. Too bad you couldn't actually look at the scarves ... or touch them!
  • mona
    we always buy Becel it's a great product, plus they're wonderful supporters of the Heart and Stroke Foundation
  • Susan
    *joined Facebook group* :)
  • Danieal
    This is the best idea I have ever heard about...sent it to everyone I know!! Thank you for sharing!
  • James
    My wife is a huge supporter of anything Heart and Stroke. I am so glad there is another way for people to hear about things!
  • Rosita
    Oh, hot stuff! I would love to win one! :)
  • Sandy
    We are Becel buyers nice of them to donate the scarves and they look really nice too
  • Julie
    Great cause! It's nice to see companies giving back. Scarves? Bonus!
  • Karen
    I've only ever seen the gorgeous red and white scarf before. As a Red Hatter, I even like the purple one!
  • Samantha
    I am all for anything that will help our hearts beat on... Good job!
  • mishieru
    beautiful designs and for charity too! Always been supporters of the Heart and Stroke Foundation~ ahh, i remember the skip-for-hearts during elementary school, haha~
  • Moe
    We've used Becel for as long as I can remember. This is a great cause that requires little effort.
  • Jean
    Wow, that's a great idea! $1 per person may not seem as much, but $25,000 is ALOT. I just became a fan, and they've collected over $1,000. I really hope more and more people join. :)
  • karissa
    oooooh like the scarfs!!!
  • Natasha
    A good cause, a product I already use, and almost no effort for a free scarf? Count me in!
  • Dana
    It great they are putting money into a good cause...Would love a scarf!!
  • Trang
    Hi, I love Becel! What a great cause and offering free scarves too..awesome!
  • Michael
    perfect for a snowy day like today.
  • Kelly
    thanks for sharing this... i love free stuff !
  • Nydia
    What a great giveaway! Thanks to you Anna and to Becel for this!
  • Courtney
    Thanks for sharing, I signed up right away! We buy becel in our home, and I also love scarves!
  • Doug
    awesome giveaway Anna! No wonder theres so many that come back here daily.
  • CW
  • erin
    That's awesome Becel donates to a great cause for joining a social network!! Scarves are just fabulous!!!
  • Cindy
    Great idea, I enjoy becel!
  • Stephanie
    This is a wonderful because EVERYONE has a facebook and all it takes is one click!
  • sara
    great idea! so nice of them to donate
  • Joy
  • lawrence
    Great idea! Thanks!
  • Alicia O.
    Love your heart. Run for the cure!
  • Jennifer
    I love my heart!!
  • Nadia
    Getting 25, 000 people on facebook won't be a problem at all; especially when the money will be donated to and used by a great organization.
  • Krish
    Wow...that's a great effort :)
  • Heather
    I would love one of the scarfs and what a great cause!!!!!

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