Dragon Frappuccino @ Starbucks

Dragon Frappuccino @ Starbucks

I drove around to five different Starbucks and for me the mythical unicorn frap was just that a myth. All my local Starbucks had run out of special ingredients and I didn't get to try this magical treat before it galloped away on April 24th.

Fortunately, some creative baristas have created a magical new drink to chase away my unicorn frap blues. With its fluorescent green and pink colors, the Dragon Frappuccino is just as beautiful as the unicorn frap but I hear that it isn't quite as sweet which may be a good thing unless you are my sugar-craving 6-year-old.

According to a Starbucks spokesperson, the Dragon Frappuccino isn't an official menu item. Instead, it is born from a barista creatively taking advantage of any of the seemingly limitless ways to customize your beverages at Starbucks.

As the Dragon Frappuccino is an unofficial Starbucks beverage, you may need to list the ingredients to your barista when ordering, but its popularity may mean that it is soon known to every Starbucks barista (and dragon slayer). To get your Dragon Frappuccino, tell your barista you want a green tea frap with vanilla bean powder and a berry cup swirl. Bonus! Unlike the Unicorn Frappuccino, the Dragon Frappuccino has caffeine in it. That is great news for me. Perhaps less great for my kiddos.

Are you a Unicorn or a Dragon? I can be either depending on what time my kids wake up on the weekend.

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  • Bianca W.

    .. here we go again! Round 2!

    • Angela N.

      Everywhere around me was sold out of the unicorn frap well before it was over. I never got to try one. I'll go day one for the dragon frap this time around lol.

      • Robin C.

        LETS DO THIS!!:scream::scream::scream::dragon_face::dragon_face::dragon_face:

      • Stephanie B.

        I'm down!! We will walk this time, no unicorn pee

        • KaylaS

          I heard horrible reviews about the ridiculously sweet and sugar packed unicorn frapp. I'm glad to hear some still enjoyed it. I am usually one who likes most of those fancy beverages but the only aspect of it that appealed to me was the pretty color scheme. I'm sure glad I never tried it just to be disappointed like so many. This Dragon Frapp creator barista got it right by taking advantage of the mythical theme hype and somewhat failed attempt to create magic with the unicorn frappucino, so hopefully this one does a bit better...Guess it is good it was only available for a limited time, but it can still probably be created any time upon request. I'm just awaiting a trendy mermaid frapp, or perhaps even a sorcerer/sorceress beverage to celebrate the continued success of Harry Potter. Maybe I should try to get them to create those...

          • Robin Z.

            Not real. No such thing as "berry swirl"

            • Keri B.


              • Tammy F.

                this made me lol, it's not over yet!!

                • Chelsea L.

                  that's not even real! some stores that happen to have some left over powder left are just making things up. most stores though sold out of all product.

                  • Tammy F.

                    Ohhhhh I was just feeling bad for you lol

                    • Chelsea L.

                      well our summer frapps start next week and they're a pain to make too.. haha