Del Monte Cantaloupe Recalled - Possible Salmonella!

Del Monte Cantaloupe Recalled - Possible Salmonella!

No word of a lie, I just sat down and was prepared to cut up cantaloupe for my son's party tomorrow when I discovered this recall. Sure enough, my cantaloupe has been recalled! If you have purchased Del Monte or Sysco Imperial Fresh cantaloupe recently then please be sure to check the melon's stick or your receipt for the UPC. If your cantaloupe's UPC is PLU4050 or from Lot 360012 or Lot 127 12 035 5, then return it!

These cantaloupe melons may be contaminated with Salmonella! Yikes! Salmonella is a sneaky one. Food that is contaminated with this dangerous aspect may not look or smell spoiled but it can still make you seriously ill. The people who are most at risk are young children, pregnant women, elderly people and also people with weak immune systems. Serious cases of salmonella can lead to serious and occasionally deadly infections.

If you are healthy, you may experience symptoms like fever, headache, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, abdominal cramps and such if you contract Salmonella poisoning. It can also cause long term issues like severe arthritis.

So if you have a recalled cantaloupe in your household, you can throw it out or return it to the store you purchased it from. I called Walmart (where I purchased my cantaloupe) and told them that I had already started cutting my cantaloupe. They told me to take a picture of the sticker, melon or receipt and they would refund my purchase. So maybe your store will do the same if you have already cut into the melon. Hopefully you didn't eat any yet. I know I had a few bites... You can get more information from the government website.

Moosers, do you know anyone who may have purchased cantaloupe recently?


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