Costco Removes Pekkle Sleepers From Stores For Safety Concern

Costco Removes Pekkle Sleepers From Stores For Safety Concern

They are everybody's favorite jammies for babies, but you won't find them on the shelves at Costco - at least for awhile.

Costco has removed infant Pekkle sleepers from its stores in Canada after receiving a complaint that a snap detached from a sleeper. The child's skin was scraped as a result of the loose snap.

Pekkle sleepers are sold at Costco in sizes 3-24 month sizes. They are manufactured by Lemur Inc. Lemur Inc. is a Montreal company that oversees the manufacturing of Pekkle clothing in China.

Costco learned of the complaint on April 11 and removed the sleepers from the shelves on the same day. Costco, Health Canada and Lemur Inc. are all investigating the incident but a formal recall has not yet been issued. Health Canada will decide whether further action is required after a full review of the case.

It is unknown at this time whether Pekkle onesies and summer rompers have also been pulled off the shelves, but they do have metal snaps so I wouldn't be surprised.

For now I am packing all our Pekkle sleepers away. Everyone loves a naked baby, right?


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  • Jennifer M.

    Dang! My son wears these every night!

    • Chelsea B.

      the amount of Costco sleepers we've gone through and ever had an issue :sob: What if I need more for new baby!

      • Brittany J.

        Oh no! Better make the ones we have last!

      • Sarah A.

        All because a kid got a scratch, really!!!!! Throw that pair out and get a new one. Come on people

        • Laura P.

          What is this world coming to? I'm surprised the zipper ones aren't recalled because of accidentally "zipping" up on your kids skin!

          • Sarah A.

            Amen sister!!!!!

          • Alishia M.

            , these the ones you like??

            • Carol E.

              YES!!! I haven't had a problem with any of mine. I know a lot of people who love these jammies.... including me

              • Alishia M.

                Oh man! Hopefully they will start selling them again after the investigation.

                • Carol E.

                  I hope so!

                • Lindsay B.

                  Nooo!!! Why? They are the best? :joy:

                  • Karen B.

                    Something about the elastic inside can come off and the buttons coming off being a choking hazard!

                    • Lindsay B.

                      I just read the article! I'm totally bummed. Never had a problems with the snaps and they always washed up amazing. So sad.

                      • Cortney P.

                        I know I seen this .... TOOPID.

                        • Kel L.

                          Karen Grant this is why they didnt have any yesterday.... :frowning:

                          • Karen G.

                            Wow...thats too bad.

                            • Kel L.

                              I know they were always so cute and cheap too!

                            • Chantelle B.

                              Oh no :( need to hit Once Upon a Child and stock up lol.

                              • Ranya N.

                                You gotta be kidding me?!? Unless it was life threatening or God forbid something bad, get a grip people!! Please read

                                • Petra S.

                                  OMG NOOOOOOO those are my fave! Best quality ever.. I have a few left from Gracie but not the bigger sizes :weary:

                                  • Petra S.

                                    The kid got a little Scratch so they remove it them all?! How about throw that onesie out and get a new one.. cry baby parents ruined my life lol :rolling_eyes:

                                    • Miriam R.

                                      I have tons and that's all Iv ever used and Iv never had a problem! Some ppl are so stupid!

                                    • Emily B.

                                      If the snaps are scratching babies, they haven't been put on properly.... Which means they can pop off and babies can eat them! This a HUGE concern! This recall is probably just a measure to ensure something worse doesn't happen!!!!

                                      • Velroy-Tom B.

                                        I don't have any of these, John used to wear these all the time tho

                                        • Carrie-Carol W.

                                          Wasn't sure maybe kristy does

                                          • Marilyn M.

                                            I had this happen with a Walmart sleeper, maybe I should complain to Walmart. It was very sharp.

                                            • Alia

                                              I have been buying the Pekkle sleepers for the past two years and never had any problems.  They are excellent quality!!  My son loves the cute designs on them.  I really hope Costco brings them back.  Everytime I go to Costco, I look for them.  Keeping my fingers crossed.