Changes Coming to Huggies Rewards Program!

Changes Coming to Huggies Rewards Program!

I really don't like change, so I was sad to hear that the Huggies Reward Program is about to do some mighty renovations. When Starbucks changed their rewards program I was seriously disappointed, so I hope this doesn't turn out to be the same situation. Nonetheless, Canada has stated that they are trading their rewards codes for an easier way to get your Huggies Rewards points.

You won't lose any of the points that you have already accumulated, but you will only have until June 26th to redeem any existing codes that you have made. I guess with the new system, you will simply upload your receipt to redeem your Huggies Rewards Points. There also appears to be new rewards coming - since all the old ones are no longer available.

One plus - Huggies Canada is also adding some new, free ways to earn Huggies Rewards Points. It looks to be much like Pampers, where you can read articles and watch videos to earn free points.

Happy collecting! What do you think of the new Huggies Rewards Program?


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