Canada Post: FREE Letter Back From Santa?!

Canada Post: FREE Letter Back From Santa?!


*Bump! Not long left for you to take advantage of this freebie for the kids!*

Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas!

This year, your child could very well receive a letter back from Santa Clause himself if you wish. Canada Post is offering a free mail service which will send your child a personalized letter from Santa Claus - wouldn't that be so exciting!?

The details are very specific, so pay close attention to detail for sure. You need to have your child write their letter to Santa and then you must mail it to a specific address in order to receive a letter back. They will open up the letter, and write back a personalized letter to each child that participates. It actually sounds like a fun job, honestly. So have your child write to this address, and wait excitedly for the response:

Santa Claus
North Pole

You must mail your child's Christmas wish list no later than the 16th of December. Also don't forget to include your child's name and return address or else you won't get a letter back. While Santa may know every child and where they live, Canada Post does not. You might be able to make this offer go hand-in-hand with your Elf on the Shelf plans.

I wonder if you added your own letter, if Canada Post would take any suggestions with what they respond. I wonder what they would even respond to begin with? My child is almost three and is just starting to grasp the concept of Christmas, so I may try this out this year just for my own curiousity. I am sure this is not the first year that Canada Post has offered this Santa Letter Service, so maybe some of my friends and family will have a better idea how it works. All I know is that my three year old is only asking for a rabbit for Christmas this year, and I am 99% sure my cats would eat it. So hopefully Canada Post doesn't respond saying that he will get that rabbit. My cats would be more than thrilled!

Moosers, have you used this Santa service before?


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  • Sarah
    We did this last year and Santa sent a personal response , ( although somewhat automated ) it was really cute and my kids loved it my only complaint they didn't receive this response till the new Year ... I know its a busy time of year for the post office and its still something well be doing again.
    • Brooke W.
      Wow! Thanks for the feedback Sarah. Kind of odd that the letter didn't come until the new year, but at least something came! I can't wait :)
    • Sheri P.
      I have done this in the past for my two children. It is a completely automated response and one year both kids received the exact same letter. Nothing was personalized
      • Annie
        Love this service. We do this, too. This year will be even more fun since my son is old enough to print. Last year I knew I sent it to late as I missed the deadline (oops) but we still got a postcard after the holidays from Santa on vacation! I thought that was a nice touch.
        • Alexandrea
          my step daughters loved it last year they didn't even care that the responses were the same and they were 10 and 8. they piratically loved that Santa sent them a card they could color and left it out for him to see when he delivered their presents. Defiantly a service i will be using for my now 1 year old for many years to come.
          • Siona
            This is a good idea, and it will be the first year that my daughter (and son) will submit a letter. As for a personalized reply, I don't mind if it's a generic one, as its all done via Canada Post employees who volunteer their time to do the letters. It's wonderful they do it in the first place!
            • Nicole
              My daughter sent a letter a week(ish) ago and received one back today. The letter is a form letter, with a handwritten personalised P.S. As my daughter is an only child and still under five she loved it!
              • Shelly
                As a Canada Post employee, I can only say what I do as Santa's Elf. Lol I volunteer to answer these letters. They are form letters, but there is a space on the bottom for us to put P.S. messages. If a child asks a question or mentions something in their letter(not gift related because Santa doesn't make promises), then I try to include that. As it gets closer to Christmas, there may not be enough time to write little notes. Canada Post received thousands of letters. P.S. PLEASE PUT A NAME AND RETURN ADDRESS ON THE LETTER OR ENVELOPE!!! Nothing makes Santa's Elves sadder than not being able to answer a letter. :( Also, no postage is necessary on the envelope. It's free to mail. :)