Blockbuster Closing Sale Starts Friday

Blockbuster Closing Sale Starts Friday

As some of you know, and others will now know: Blockbuster is going under. This Friday, 9th, September 2011, they are starting their big clearance sales to clear out the merchandise.

Here is an exempt I got from the Truro Daily News:

As part of the closure process, Blockbuster Canada Co. will have a final clearance sale for its entire inventory at a significant discount, after which the company's remaining stores will close. The clearance sales are scheduled to begin on Friday. In connection with the store closures, effective also on Friday, Blockbuster gift cards and loyalty/rewards programs will no longer be redeemed by customers.

What this means for Moosers: Deals on games, movies, TV series and more. Let us know if you hit Blockbuster up and what you get!

Thanks to Mooser rockt who posted this on the community forums, and thanks to Truro Daily News for the quote.


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  • d
    Lame. Totally lame. Only 15% off-ie. Amazon on a bad day-and all prices totally non-negotiable. They expect $50 for a used game they've been renting! A real shame when a "closing sale" can't even match Wal-mart's rollback sales.
    • todd
      I agree with d's comment.. Lame. Went in on Saturday to my local Blockbuster and there were a few people milling around, but when i looked at the pricing on both new and used and calculated the reduction, it was pretty apparent the prices were marked high to begin with. when they get to 60 percent off ill return but even at 40 percent off I wouldn't be buying stuff i cant return or will have no back up. not much of a clearance event... yet.....
      • Elly
        It wasn't that bad a deal but it depends on what you were looking for. My husband and I picked up a ton of rental films that were sold. Which films you ask? Ones that Disney had placed into the vault some time ago or other films that we wanted to get cheap. Yes, the bit about the video games was disappointing but can't expect to always see a great deal with everything -- you just have to be a smart shopper & do research.
        • steve
          Want to talk about lame? A rental verison of The Pacific on blu ray selling for $18.99 a disc, times by 5 discs, equals $95, with 25% off, still over $70 for a RENTED copy.