Baby, Baby, Baby

Sorry that we're a bit late with the deal posts today folks, I plan to get them started in a short while.

It's just I had a rather busy day, so I thought I would share my news with you guys.

I'M HAVING A BABY! And today I found out the sex of the little precious! So I'm going to have some fun with you guys, in the form of a little poll. What gender do you think my baby is? Vote here, then I will tell you the answer tomorrow, in this thread!

UPDATE - I am astounded by the amount of people that took the time to comment and offer congratulations - thank you! After a really quick count of your guesses from the comments, 29 thought it might be a girl, and 30 think it's a boy. Well, here are the results: GIRL!! :)


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  • Steven
    Congratulations Anna! All the best.
    • Julie
      Congratulations! AND thanks for all you do!
      • laura
        Ohhhhh! how exciting!!!! i say boy.
        • Dorina
          Great news! Congratulations! I'm guessing a girl. :-)
          • crystal
            Congrats!!!!! I'm guessing a girl :) I'm also expecting----in 2 weeks!
            • mj
              Congrats! boy!
              • jenny
                Nice....all the's a boy
                • Jessica
                  Congratulations! What great news! My guess is a BOY!
                  • Wanda G.
                    Congrats - I'm guessing a boy!!
                    • Maria
                      I'm seeing pink.
                      • Daniel
                        Congrats - on the girl!
                        • liz
                          congrats! i'm thinking ............ boy?
                          • Carolyn
                            Gotta say!!!
                            • Lorri-Ann
                              Congratulations!!! I think girl!!
                              • Trixter
                                congrats!! I say a girl.
                                • Ella
                                  Congratulations!!!! I'm going to guess it's a girl.
                                  • Lonnie
                                    Girl!! Congrats!!
                                    • Callista
                                      Congrats Anna!!! My guess is a baby boy!!!
                                      • Ania
                                        Congratulations, and thanks for keeping it up...might be tough when the little one arrives. I say girl.
                                        • Annie
                                          Congratulations......They are alot of fun... My little man was born 1 year ago....... I am guessing a boy........................