Amazing Pumpkins From Around The Internet (Happy Moose-oween!)

Amazing Pumpkins From Around The Internet (Happy Moose-oween!)

Happy halloween guys! I have Halloweenified the Bargainmoose blog for the weekend, to commemorate this spooky holiday! (If you cannot see the changes, press ctrl+F5 on your keyboard to force a refresh of the page)

It amazes me the lengths some people go to when creating Halloween carved pumpkins. You can find stunning examples from all over the internet, from the basic Halloween designs, to amazing cutouts of their favorite computer game characters.

When you google for carved pumpkins, there are so many results! Here are a few pictures that I found which really stood out:

Wow! Someone has done a really good job of this PumkpinObama! It doesn't look like you can put a candle inside him though.


This one is absolutely fantastic - Predator! Look at the details in that thing!


A more Halloweeny theme here, Frankenstein.


Star Wars fan? Take a look at this Death Star pumpkin.


Finally, this isn't just one carved pumpkin. The artist has used a few to create quite an interesting scene in his garden!


I tried my hand at a spooky face a few years ago, and it took me hour to carve that simple design. It was tough work, with the pumpkin skin and flesh being very difficult to work with. Perhaps I didn't have good enough tools for the job!

Have you any interesting pumpkin experiences you would like to share?


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    Awesome! Thanks for posting.