Air Canada Will Discontinue Aeroplan Rewards

Air Canada Will Discontinue Aeroplan Rewards

Farewell Aeroplan! Air Canada's loyalty program Aeroplan will be taking a one way trip in 2020.

Aeroplan rewards are currently overseen by Aimia, a third-party operator. After the contract with Aimia expires in June 2020, Air Canada plans to launch a new loyalty program that it will operate itself.

Details of the proposed replacement loyalty program aren't yet known, it is clear that existing Aeroplan points won't be lost when Aeroplan is discontinued but they won't be transferred to the new loyalty program. As a result, all members will begin with zero points on the start date of June 30 2020.

Even though your Aeroplan points won't disappear altogether, it is possible they may not be as valuable once the new loyalty program comes into effect. Air Canada has stated that Aeroplan points will be able to be redeemed at prices that are "competitive with other third-party rewards programs".

We can expect more details on the new reward program in the future this September.

Will you redeem your Aeroplan points before 2020? Girl trip to Vegas of family vacation to Walt Disney World? The dilemma is real.


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  • Rob W.

    We never use them for flying anyways