The Scoop on the New Aeroplan Changes

No more buyer's remorse ... because they just introduced a LOT of refund options
The Scoop on the New Aeroplan Changes

I don't know about the rest of you, but I feel like I'm constantly travelling. I'm never at home for too long, but I still try to save whenever I can along the way. That's why I'm signed up for just about every flight and travel rewards program there is – and why I'm trying to keep up when any of them changes.

The latest to upgrade their program is Aeroplan, and, in a nutshell, they're making things a little bit easier for travellers who (like me) fly between Canada and the US pretty often. Importantly, their award redemption rates aren't changing – but they are giving members more chances to score refunds.

Their are four major changes they're introducing, including FREE refunds within 24 hours of booking a trip. This change is in effect as of July 15, so you should be covered if you ever have buyer's remorse.

Plus, you can now refund a flight reward up to two hours before departure. This applies to all bookings, including any you made before this new change came into effect.

Aeroplan also lowered their refund fee to $125 for any refunds you complete online. This also applies to any member bookings, including ones you may have made earlier this year.

They also introduced complementary changes and refunds for Air Canada Super Elite 100K members. If you're part of this exclusive club, you now won't be charged a fee when you request a change to any reward bookings – and the same goes for refunded bookings. And yes, this also applies to earlier-booked flights.

And if you're wondering, this is different than the new Air Canada loyalty program that will launch in 2020. You can keep collecting Aeroplan miles like usual right now, but now that they'll convert over to the new program on a one-to-one basis. So either spend 'em soon or see what new rewards will be available next year.

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