(Save 50%) Febreze Holiday 3 Pack of Candles for Just $4 & Free Shipping @ Walmart.ca

17 January 2015


I was browsing through the Walmart Canada clearance section online and stumbled upon these awesome Febreze Candles. While supplies last, you can purchase this Febreze Holiday Gift Set 3 Pack of 99g Candles for just $4. This 50% discount can be received online and in stores.

If you missed the last Walmart Clearance deal on candles, jump on this offer now. Last time, Kristy wrote about the Glade 4 Pack of Holiday Candles that was on clearance sale for just $3. That particular deal is sold out, but now you have another chance to get a similar deal. While the Febreze candles might have one less candle than the Glade set, and cost $1 more, I personally prefer the Febreze candles.

You will pay just over $1 per candle by taking advantage of this offer. I love lighting these candles right before having guests over and then hiding them. They never figure out how my house always smells so good. Now you know my secret, shh don't tell my family and friends. They actually think I use cleaning supplies that smell good.

These Febreze Holiday Candles are the Scents of the Season. You can expect to receive the following scents: Toasted Almond, Sugared Cranberry and Glistening Pine. I won't mind if my house smells like Christmas all year long, what about you? I generally find that these candles last quite a long time. Often times the wick runs out before the wax does though, which is basically just a tease. Does anyone have a solution for that?

So if you're looking to freshen up your home with a delicious scent that lasts for hours, add these to your cart. The welcoming scent will eliminate tough odors like food, pet, smoke and other unwanted smells. Place the candle on your tabletop for a decoration, or keep it in the bedroom for some romance.

I will also suggest that you don't let these candles burn for longer than 4 hours. I once lit about 3 of them during a family event and left them burning for several hours. To our unpleasant surprise, the glass jar burst and shattered glass was everywhere. They just couldn't handle the heat. The jar also becomes quite hot after burning for a while.

Of course I added these items to my online Walmart.ca shopping cart. For one, you get free shipping. For two, you don't run the risk of your local Walmart being sold out when you shop in stores.

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