Home Depot Canada – Online & In-Store - $10 Discount On $50+!

I just got great news in an email newsletter from HomeDepot Canada. They are having a decent promotion this week, probably helping us out to do a bit more Christmas Shopping!! I still haven’t bought my Christmas tree yet, so I’m going to head to my local Home Depot center and see what they can offer.

How To Claim Your Discount:

  1. Use coupon code usave10 online @ HomeDepot.ca
  2. Print coupon & use in store

This offer is valid between Thursday December 11th and Sunday 14th 2008. Sadly it doesn’t apply to gift cards or I would have a field day!

P.S. If you are shopping online, don’t forget to get yourself 2.45% cashback from dealguild.com.

Thanks for the pic Meerkat Thunderpants.

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