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If you have been a Mooser for long you have heard about Ecocentricbags before. They make bags out of seat belts, juice boxes, recycled rubber, bamboo, hemp and all sorts of things. They are an amazing place for eco-friendly purses and bags. Right now they have a sweet 30% off coupon code!

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  • Discount: 30% off purses and handbags
  • Coupon Code: HANDBAGS30
  • Expires: 15th November 2010

My favourite is the good old fashioned hemp. Hemp is the wonder material that was 'mysteriously' prevented from making a huge impact in the world 40 - 50 years ago thanks to the wails of cotton farmers. Well, that piece of history is a bit skewed, but I'm not far off. It is amazing, durable, eco-friendly, renewable and all around pretty cool. So now that I have got you all hyped up about hemp, they don't have any hemp purses or handbags. Pity. They have other hemp stuff, but the coupon doesn't work on those.

HOWEVER, they do have this most awesome rubber purse (I just love it) that is already on sale and also qualifies for the 30% off coupon code. It's called the English Retreads Cruiser Handbag which is made entirely from reclaimed truck inner tubes. Totally cool! It was orig. $64.95 and with sale + discount goes down to $41.96.

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