Futuristic Hair Dryer Promises Best Blow Out Ever—But Will You Pay $500 For It?

Futuristic Hair Dryer Promises Best Blow Out Ever—But Will You Pay $500 For It?

We're all familiar with the Dyson brand for their innovative designs and cool looking uber-functional products such as bagless vacuum cleaners, bladeless fans and commercial hand-dryers that zap water off your hands in a magical two seconds with their "Airblade" technology.

Now the company has made the leap from dust-bunnies to beauty tools with the introduction and soon-to-be released Dyson Supersonic hair-dryer. And they didn't jump in blindly, that's for sure. Obviously air-flow and engineering is their thing. They have built an empire on perfecting it for vacuums, fans and dryers—hair dryers are a somewhat logical and likely lucrative progression, there's one in just about every home not to mention spas, gyms and hotels.

The company spent four years developing this futuristic-looking tool, invested over $70 million bucks and in order to learn, on a practical and functional level, what is really required from a personal-use hair dryer, they went straight to the source and sent their team of engineers to beauty school.

Yahoo Beauty spoke to one of the engineers, Annmarie Nicolson, who said,

"We are experts in all things airflow, fluid dynamics, hardware … all things engineering. But we surely aren't style experts. Having a group of young engineers attend styling classes made them see the end benefit of this machine and how the hair dryer can truly be improved.... Our engineers were trying to change out attachments as they styled hair and kept burning their fingers. That's when they figured out they could create a kind of sheath around where the hot air comes out so that our attachments never felt hot to the touch."

Welcome to the burnt-finger club, Dyson engineers. And, thank you for fixing the problem! Here are some other pretty amazing features they have blown out (pun intended!) for us with the Dyson Supersonic:

  • engineered to prevent heat damage by measuring air temperature 20 times every second in order to keep the temperature even and under control
  • high velocity air flow ensures hair drying is fast and efficient
  • though not completely silent, it is much quieter than most dryers
  • the small yet mighty motor is located in the handle, balancing the tool and making it comfortable to hold
  • attachments such as the diffuser and precise styling concentrator attach using magnets and never get hot to the touch—no more burnt fingers!
  • three speed setting and four heat settings ensure a perfect product for your specific hair-type and styling need

Sounds pretty fan-tastic (more puns!), right? Maybe even too good to be true? Well... here's the rub. Though not yet on the market, the Dyson Supersonic is set set to retail in June for $399 US. That's about $500 CAN with our current exchange rate.

What do you think? If this is a tool you use every day, that's like paying around $1.40 per day for a tool that promises to dry, style and protect your hair AND your fingers! Worth the investment? You tell us!


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