Win with Bargainmoose Christmas Crackers!

Win with Bargainmoose Christmas Crackers!

To help you celebrate this holiday season, we've just launched a new contest giveaway called The Cracking Christmas Contest. We'll be hiding Christmas Crackers from now through December 29th on all our favourite social media channels from Facebook, to Pinterest, to our Newsletter, to our Boxing Day Deals Dashboard.

All you have to do is spot the cracker and click through to find out if you've won. The Crackers can pop up anywhere at anytime and each one links to a limited number of Christmas Crackers, so you have to be quick.

We will be giving away some pretty incredible prizes, like Hatchimals and other fun toys that may arrive after Christmas, BUT we will also be awarding prizes that are instantly redeemable like Amazon Giftcards! So stay tuned!

And remember, in order to win, you just have to at-the-ready and as soon as you see a Christmas Cracker, crack it, and you'll know right away if you're a winner, and what you've won. We will be publishing a complete list of our winner right here, too! So feel free to check back.

To get started, click this link and get your first Bargainmoose Christmas Cracker right here.

That went WAY TOO FAST. Click here to get another Christmas Cracker!!

Psstt... We may have hidden another Cracker on Pinterest!

I think I am making this too easy! Head back to our Boxing Day Deals Dashboard. We will be hiding crackers in there straight through from now until December 29th.

Here is a list of our winners so far (check back for updates; please note that if a winner does not enter their full name or contact information, they will not be able to claim their prize!):

  1. Cara Hodgson
  2. Carmen Lam
  3. Nancy Robertson
  4. Stephanie Crandall
  5. Paula Dumont
  6. Carly Murdock
  7. Tracy Snelgrove
  8. Nancy Izzy Ains
  9. Lindsay Day
  10. Kyla Cardinal
  11. Anna Liang
  12. Trina Cappelle
  13. Andrea Mutton
  14. Debbie Robson
  15. Katelyn Glynn
  16. Tracy Blinkhorn
  17. Cathy Simard
  18. Joanne Reed
  19. Lisa Devlin

If you've won, don't worry, we will be contacting all winners directly the day after the contest closes (December 30).


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  • Karen B.

    So I'm not sure I'm understand. How do I claim the prize? I clicked through and it appears I am now signed up for emails (which I don't really want) but don't see how I might have won. :thinking:

    • Bargainmoose

      Hey Karen! To enter our Cracking Christmas Contest, all you have to do is find a Christmas Cracker on one of our social media feeds, click through, and you'll be immediately notified if you've won! Tell you what, we just planted one here on our Boxing Day page -- GET IT HERE >>

      • Karen B.

        Ah ha! Thanks Bargainmoose. Guess I'm still too slow. Haha

        • Julia H.

          Found it, didn't win...

        • Candice M.

          Said I won a $20 Amazon card, but there was no way to claim it. What am I missing?

          • KendraMagnus

            Hi Candice! Every winner enters their email address and name once they've won and we contact each at the end of the contest (December 29th). You can see the list of winners-so-far above. 

          • Bargainmoose

            less than one day and we've already got THREE lucky winners. More to come ;)