Where to Buy Luvabella Dolls in Canada (2018 Update)

Where to Buy Luvabella Dolls in Canada (2018 Update)

Remember Luvabella? She and her brother Luvabeau were some of the most asked-for toys last Christmas, and they're finally back in stock and on sale! So if you're still shopping around for one, we put together a list of where to buy Luvabella in Canada, so you can figure out where to get one in stock and at the best price.

I'll just cut right to the chase: Luvabella dolls are actually on sale right now at Amazon.ca! Each doll usually sells for $159.99, but they're down to $125.02 each!

Luvabella opens her eyes, giggles, moves, talks and plays. If you cover her eyes, she'll play peek-a-boo, and if you put your hand on her chest, you can even feel her heartbeat!

Plus, the more you play with her, the more she babbles and talks! She'll even "learn" to speak up to 100 words and phrases! Just remember to give Luvabella her soother when she gets fussy! She comes in different hair colours and skin tones, and you can even find her brother, Luvabeau, in stores, too!

Luvabella dolls are also in stock at Walmart.ca (for $129.92 each), Toys R Us Canada ($139.99 each) and Mastermind Toys ($149.99 each).

Make sure you check this page often, since we'll update it as stock and prices change!


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