Where to Buy 2018 Team Canada Fan Gear

Where to Buy 2018 Team Canada Fan Gear

The 2018 Winter Olympics are only a couple weeks away, but there's still time to grab everything you need to show off your True North pride!

Hudson's Bay is usually the obvious choice for Team Canada clothes, but there are plenty of other (and more affordable) options out there if you don't need something quite as "official."

I'll admit that I love getting the family all decked out in red and white gear, especially when we have the chance to all watch events together. And if you're buying for a lot of people, too, it can definitely help to save a couple bucks where you can!

Canadian Olympic Team Collection

This one is a no-brainer. The Bay not only provides gear for Team Canada's athletes, but they also came out with a new collection of replica styles for fans. Of course, there's some new 2018 Red Mittens, but there are so many other things worth checking out, too!

Prices start at $10, and you can find everything from toques to puffer jackets! Check out some of the highlights:

UA Team Canada High Performance

Sure, you might still be sitting on the couch, but you can at least feel a little more like the athletes in this gear! Sport Chek stocks the UA Team Canada High Performance Collection, including my favourite Team Canada slogan of the year!

Prices start at $29.99, which is honestly still pretty good for some patriotic workout gear! Check out some of the highlights:

Cheer on Canada Collection

As far as authenticity goes, the Cheer on Canada Collection at Joe Fresh is pretty far down the list. However, they do have some really cute red and white gear, and you can't complain about their prices!

Prices start at $7, and everything is pretty affordable, which makes these pieces perfect for if you want to grab a matching set for the whole family! Check out some of the highlights:

Roots Canada 150 Collection

Sure, this one was made for Canada's 150 this past summer, but let's face it: these are pretty much all winter styles anyway, and they're super cute! If you're looking for something cozy, these sweats are definitely your best bet!

Prices start at $22.99, and a couple styles are already on sale! There are men's, women's and leather collections, but you're out of luck for the kiddos on this one. Check out some of the highlights:

Chances are there's even more Team Canada gear out there right now, so let us know in the comments if you see any!


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