Our Guide to Well.ca Services & Virtual Appointments

Our Guide to Well.ca Services & Virtual Appointments

If you can't leave your home or feel like you never have time to fit in a doctor's appointment, Well.ca just introduced a new program that may be able to help you out.

Well.ca Services let you virtually connect with health and wellness professionals like naturopaths and breastfeeding coaches – all without actually leaving the house.

So far, there are a few different services to choose from, and each one can help you access personalized consultations and advice.

In a nutshell, here's how it works:

  1. Browse the different kinds of appointments
  2. Choose the appointment type, care provider, date and time that work for you
  3. Check your email for the link to your video appointment and more instructions
  4. Complete your digital intake form before your first appointment

Interested? We put together this quick guide to Well.ca Services to help you figure out how to use the program, who's actually eligible and whether or not these services are right for you.

A quick look at all available Well.ca Services

For now, there are six different kinds of services available through the Well.ca Services program. Each one can help you connect with professionals who will customize appointments to you and your needs, so we wanted to break them all down in more detail:

Naturopathic Medicine – focuses on holistic and proactive prevention, as well as diagnoses and treatments for conditions like chronic pain, fertility problems, allergies and fatigue

Nutrition – helps you develop a customized nutrition plan (with a registered dietician or holistic nutritionist), as well as the motivation and skills you need to actually follow through with it

Beauty & Skin Care – goes through a customized beauty routine to help you find out which products and routines will work best for your specific needs and skin conditions

Pregnancy & Parenting – teaches you tools for healthily meeting the challenges of pregnancy and parenting, from prenatal, postnatal and newborn care to breastfeeding and sleep

Meditation & Mindfulness – answers any of your questions about meditation, including how to get started and tips and tricks for staying focused and integrating meditation into your lifestyle

Medical Cannabis – connects you with a nurse practitioner who can help determine if medical cannabis may be a realistic and therapeutic option for you and your health needs

How to book Well.ca Services appointments

If one of those services sounds right for you, go ahead and click the "Browse & Book" button to move forward and schedule an appointment. When you do, you'll be directed to a third-party booking site. Most services give you a few options to choose from, including a FREE consultation and different paid services, including initial consultations and follow-up appointments.

From there, you can select your care provider, appointment time and date. You can book services anywhere from 90 days to 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time. You can also cancel appointments for a full refund 24 hours in advance. Late cancellations are not accepted. If the only time slot that works isn't available, email [email protected], and they'll try to accommodate you.

You need to enter your credit card info to complete a booking, but you won't be charged until after your appointment. If you buy any service packages, you'll be charged upfront. Some services may be covered under your insurance plan, so it's worth checking that out before you book!

Remember that some services may require that you complete an intake form before your appointment. Well.ca Services will email any forms to you before your appointment, so make sure you check your inbox. Just complete the form online via their secure portal, and you're good to go.

Who is eligible for Well.ca Services?

For now, Well.ca Services are only available to people who are physically located in Toronto, but it looks like they plan to expand to more locations in the future. Some initial consultations are free, but otherwise these are paid services, and you'll need to have a credit card to put on file. You also must have internet access to complete any intake forms and attend your appointments.


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