Welcome To The New Look Bargainmoose!

Welcome To The New Look Bargainmoose!

Welcome To The New Look Bargainmoose!

If you're a regular visitor to Bargainmoose you'll notice some big changes on the blog today! It's taken us a while to get here but we think it's been worth the wait, we're delighted with the new look and hope you guys are too. Mobile users will definitely see the biggest change, the old layout wasn't very mobile or tablet friendly but this one certainly is and we hope it makes browsing Bargainmoose a more enjoyable experience for you all.

You may have noticed some changes to the content on the blog itself recently and that's something we're hoping to continue and expand on. Our aim is to become the biggest and best parenting site in Canada. We're all parents here at Moose and are passionate about hunting down the hottest deals, glitches and voucher codes around and bringing them to the community in the best possible way.

We know how busy family life can be and that you might not have time to check the blog every single day and that's why we have a daily newsletter. Full of the top content from the blog , we promise your details will never be passed on and we won't spam you either, it will just be full of the hottest deals, voucher codes, tips and inside info delivered straight to your email. You can sign up for that here.

I'd like to end by saying a huge thank you to you all. We read every single message and comment you guys post both on the blog and Facebook and appreciate every single one. You guys rock!

Let us know what you think of the new look, we hope you like it as much as we do and would love to hear any suggestions or feedback you have!


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  • Saskfan

    You might want to work on the newsfeed link. I get no art or graphics on Feedly with my iPad. It does show the new design whenI click on the websites etc. Just nothing pretty when it first loads the headlines.

    • chyna

      I love the new look!

      • KellyMc

        My initial reaction of "oh no!", quickly changed once I started to navigate thru the site.  It looks fresh and user friendly.  From someone who hates change, I've already adjusted to the new set up.  Is there a feed for "latest comments" on the posts?

        • Anna

          There is no new comments feed, but I will pass that feedback on! Thank you :)

        • 123-abc

          Looking good! :)

          • Manda

            Oh no!  I am so sad to log-on and see the change this morning!  I absolutely LOVED the old design, with the cabin-feel and the vintage skates dangling at the bottom of my screen.  It was actually a pretty significant part of what made me fall in love with bargainmoose and also kept me coming back.

            • secret_one

              Me too I like the old layout better.  This looks almost like Savealoonie now.

            • sue1907

              I agree, I used the "new comments" a lot!

              • dea

                Oh dear - maybe I will get used to it?

                • RodneyDickson

                  Wanted to comment that the E-Mail newsletter layout has no actual article text and rather just headers, to find that I can no longer comment with just an E-Mail addy. Fine, I'll use my facebook account: wait, I have to link accounts (ugh, this is getting complicated). Try to link accounts, and now I need my password! Erg. Fine, here's my password. Oh wait, my password is wrong, I gotta now jump through hoops to reset it. Well, that's it: the simplicity of it all is gone, making your site 'just another site like the rest'...

                  • astone

                    This is a very disappointing change; there are many aspects of your website that are now not functional. If you paid for a company to create this website, you should demand they give you your money back. Aside from the obvious jarring red theme (which should have been kept with a softer plaid pattern to keep long-time users happy) this website no longer works. I never received a password-reminder email and had to sign up for a new account, and your contact form to tell you about these issues gave me the error "Whoops, looks like something went wrong." So helpful! Doesn't even provide a regular email address in the error message to contact someone else. Get these web idiots back to work, what a disappointment.

                    • astone

                      I should mention my job is working exclusively with user interface web design, so I'm not just speaking out my butt. This job was performed poorly with not enough testing performed, complain to that company.

                      • ZinkFollowers

                        You said it - now it looks like any other deals website. ☹

                      • JustMoi

                        WOW so moooooooooooch better! LOVE IT and da MOOSE :)

                        • Tiggrr

                          I have been noticing lately that a lot of the deals are geared towards young children and have been disappointed. I am a parent, but my children are grown in high school and university. I thought that BargainMoose was a Canadian community for savvy shoppers of all types. I used to find a lot of my deals through this site. People would say how did you get such a great deal and I would tell them about your website. Lately it has not been so and I fear with your new aim to become the biggest and best parenting site in Canada that I am going to find less and less deals here. New layout is ok but your change in focus is not

                          • Saron

                            Personally speaking, I stopped using other deal sites and only read BargainMoose because I've gotten so many deals for my toddler. I like that they add in tech and food deals too. I just bought 2 things the past month for my husband because of the tips on here. I've hardly used the site though since the layout change because the RSS stopped working properly.

                          • Calip

                            My bargainmoose app hasn't been able to load any new deals since the change.

                            • yoda1310

                              I do hope they update there app

                              • fou

                                mobile app is down for the last 3 days and when I search Google play it is not even available to download again. In the old app there is no prompt to let you know whats going on or when it will be available again. Disappointed

                                • developer

                                  Have you updated your app?  We have released a completely new app to go along with the new site.

                                • Roses

                                  I do like it, but I loved the old one better. This site is giving me redflagdeals type of vibes. But, we all must change at some point! Love the smiling moose :)

                                  • LorraineR

                                    I don't have kids, so the kid stuff is not relevant to me at all. I'm really going to miss the old Bargainmoose. Good luck going forward.

                                    • Mooseback

                                      New look is boring. Feels cold and sterile.

                                      • axp

                                        Ya I'm not sure why you are changing your focus to just parents. Guess I should look for another site. And sorry, but the look of site feels more dated now ...

                                        • MGagnon

                                          I have been reading your blog everyday for over 6 years and I am disappointed with the new layout.  It was much better before.

                                          • lsanders

                                            you're obviously going to get people who dislike the change, but they will adjust! it's modern, clean and forward thinking! good job with it bargain moose! the best part is the logo, super cute moose with the hidden price tag, clever!

                                            • pink

                                              I like the clean modern look. However I hate how when I click a post it doesn't open a new window. Super annoying. 

                                              • KarenM

                                                Thanks for the feedback, we're reading everything and taking it into account :) 

                                              • dillybravo

                                                What happened to the RSS feed? Every post is duplicated, and there is no content! Hope this can be fixed soon because it's the only way I read your content! 

                                                • Anna

                                                  Hi! Please make sure you are using this link - everything looks fine from this end. 


                                                  • dillybravo2

                                                    Deleted and recreated with that address and the dupes are gone. But there is no content in the articles, just the title. Is this intentional? Looking at the raw feed in my browser it's the same deal in the XML. 

                                                    Hope to see the full content back soon in the RSS feed. If it is intentional I hope you'll reconsider. Love your deals and the redesign but without RSS I don't have the time to keep reading, clicking and getting you affiliate credit.. Imagine I'm not the only one!