Warning: Infant Formula Could Be Tampered With or Substituted!

Warning: Infant Formula Could Be Tampered With or Substituted!

I can't think of anything scarier than having my baby harmed. That is why it is so important to check out this CFIA warning. Just yesterday, a Consumer Advisory was posted stating that CFIA advises consumers to use caution with infant formula products due to a potential product substitution and/or tampering. How scary is that!?

It all started at Walmart in Kanata, Ontario. The infant formula was tampered with outside of the manufacturing process - most likely to have happened during a product return. The outside container of the infant formula was intact, but the contents within had be substituted. No illness was caused by this, but it is just a heads up to you moms out there. Make sure you check over that infant formula before mixing it into a bottle.

Caregivers that use infant formulas should definitely examine the packaging thoroughly to make sure that the security seal is still intact and has not been altered in any way or replaced. If you think your infant formula may have been tampered with in some way, your best bet is to return it for an exchange or full refund. Don't take the risk! You can also contact your local law enforcement authority or the CFIA so that other babies are out of harm's way.

What measures do you take to ensure that your formula hasn't been tampered with?

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  • Lea S.

    Stores around me won't take formula back for refund or anything for this very reason.