The Urban Outfitters Canada Sale Calendar for 2018

The Urban Outfitters Canada Sale Calendar for 2018

I'll let you in on a little secret: I love shopping at Urban Outfitters, but their prices can be a little steep, especially when it comes to new arrivals. But I have good news: they almost always has something on sale, if you know when (and where) to look.

Urban Outfitters Canadais probably best known for their trendy clothes and accessories, as well as the vintage vinyl, cassettes and record players they sell – but you can find much more on their site. They're pretty much a one-stop shop for everything fun and funky, including gifts, décor, bedding and Halloween costumes.

To help you save as much money as you can, we put together this Urban Outfitters sale calendar. Consider it your guide to shopping at UO, complete with a rundown of all their major sales and a few of our tips and tricks for saving money year-round. So what are you waiting for?

The Urban Outfitters Student Discount

Students, this one is for you! Once a year or so, Urban Outfitters holds a one-day discount for students across Canada and the United States. It's known as their Student Discount event, and it tends to happen in early June (so you can consider it a treat for making it to the end of the school year). Last year, anyone with a valid student ID received 10% off their entire purchase – and you can probably expect something similar in 2019, so mark your calendar!

The UO Home Sale + UO Apartment Sale

Seriously, nothing is better than a good apartment sale. Urban Outfitters is known for two major home events: their Home Sale and the famous Urban Outfitters Apartment Sale. They both happen every so often, and they're when you can score up to 50% off things like bedding, décor, rugs, lighting, bath accessories and barware. We'll let you know when they next one is, so stay tuned.

The Urban Outfitters Black Friday Sale

This is the big one! The Urban Outfitters Black Friday Sale is still a bit of a mystery, and they haven't revealed any hints as to what will be on sale this year. However, we do know that they're planning a joint Black Friday and Cyber Monday event, so you can expect deals all weekend long!

The Urban Outfitters Memorial Day Sale

Okay, this one mostly takes place in the United States, but the Memorial Day Sale does occasionally include a few deals that extend north of the border. Earlier this year, for example, they ran sales leading up to Memorial Day (in the US only), but offered sale items for 30% off in both the United States and Canada after the holiday weekend.

Tips for saving money at Urban Outfitters

1. Join the UO Rewards program. Lucky for us, Urban Outfitters has a loyalty program! It's called UO Rewards, and it's absolutely free to join. All you need to do is sign up online, and you'll have the chance to earn $5 rewards and additional discounts during sales events.

2. Sign up for Urban Outfitters emails. If you want to get the scoop on any upcoming Urban Outfitters sales and promotions, it's worth signing up for their newsletter. They'll email you whenever a new deal is coming up, so you won't miss any big events!

3. Use SPC at checkout. In addition to their Student Discount, Urban Outfitters Canada also lets you use your SPC card to get a discount every single time you shop with them. Just show your card (and student ID) at the till in stores and make sure you enter it when you shop online.

4. Pick up your orders in-store. If you want to save a little money on delivery fees, you can try picking up your order from a store near you. Most items qualify for in-store pickup, and it's free!

5. Watch for sales (and then get a price adjustment). This one I actually didn't know until I started digging through the UO website, but they offer price adjustments! If something goes on sale with 14 days of your order shipment date, Urban Outfitters will refund you the price difference.

6. Don't forget about the sale section. There's almost always something on sale at Urban Outfitters Canada – so it's worth checking out the sale section whenever you're on their site!

7. Look for an Urban Outfitters promo code. Urban Outfitters promo codes are incredibly rare, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. (After all, they do have a space for you to add a promo code at checkout.) Before you shop, it's worth checking out the Current Promotions page on their website. Whenever they release a new promo code, they'll usually list it there.


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