Three foods to fight colds and flu

Three foods to fight colds and flu

My son caught his first cold, which is a sign that cold and flu season isn’t far away.

Luckily, there are lots of fall foods that can help us boost our immunity. Do you know what they are? Here are three I’ll be adding to our diet in bigger doses from now on:

  1. Colourful fruits and veggies can give us the nutrients our bodies need to fight the flu. They contain immunity boosters like vitamin C and zinc. Though berries may be in short supply in the fall, go for frozen berries and veggies like squash, chard, broccoli, cabbage and kale. The more colour the better.
  1. The garlic family, which includes leeks and onions, also have great protective benefits. These foods contain vitamin C, B6 and manganese. Various studies have shown that garlic supplements reduce the number of colds by 63 percent, while another study showed it can also shorten the length of a cold by 70 percent. Add them to foods you typically eat, like spaghetti or lasagna, for an automatic cold and flu fighter.
  1. Believe it or not, chicken soup also works. It’s not just a wives tale passed on from generation to generation. Why? Chicken soups gives us additional fluids to help flush out viruses. It typically also contains carrots, celery and onions, which have vitamins and antioxidants. The protein in the chicken gives us added strength when we’re feeling weak, and the steam from soup can help clear our sinuses. What’s more: its benefits may also be psychological. We feel cared for and comforted when we eat it.

How do you ward off colds and flus?


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