7 Things Moms Really Want for Mother's Day That Won't Cost You A Cent

7 Things Moms Really Want for Mother's Day That Won't Cost You A Cent

Don't get me wrong, gifts are a wonderful way to celebrate the moms in your life and they will love receiving them, especially when it's obvious that a lot careful consideration and thinking went into the selection. Same goes for store-bought cards and flowers—always lovely but best when you include a heartfelt message or choose her favourite variety. Thing is, what moms really want for Mother's Day, can't be bought.

Here are seven of the best gifts you can give, and they won't cost you a single cent:

1. Appreciation
This is what flowers, chocolate and cards are really all about after all, but somehow the message often gets forgotten. Look her in the eyes and just say, thank you. Really mean it. Bonus points for a hand-written letter that lists a few of the things that she does everyday that keep you all together but rarely—very rarely—get acknowledged.

2. One Hour Alone in the Bathroom
And I don't mean while cleaning it. Moms with small kids get time to themselves in the bathroom exactly never. Doesn't matter what she's doing in there, chances are someone is trying to sit on her lap. An hour alone to luxuriate in a bath or grab a hot shower that includes shaving AND hair washing? Pretty much as great as a full day at the spa.

3. An Evening Out with Girlfriends
This one might take some planning in advance because odds are high that her girlfriends find it just as hard to get an evening away from their families. No need to pay for her night out—but do plan the whole thing and help her get out the door.

4. Sleep
This might need a little tailoring to the mom in your life, but I guarantee you she wants it. Badly. Take all the night feedings. Get up early with the kids and let her sleep in. Take the kids to the park so she can enjoy a luxurious afternoon nap.

5. A Day Off
There's no such thing as a day off from being a mom. But you could give her a day off from mothering. This might mean cooking all the meals, or taking the kids to their Saturday activities and letting her kick her feet up at home. A day off from regular routines and responsibilities is worth its weight in gold.

6. Control of the Remote
Ever noticed that maybe mom is not super-thrilled to be watching the same episode of Caillou for the 400th time? Guess what, same probably goes for the football game. Moms are forever sacrificing their own TV time for everyone else. Hand her the remote and step away. Or better yet? Sit with and watch whatever she chooses. Don't fall asleep.

7. Hugs
Long, genuine, not-for-any-reason-at-all hugs. Tell her you love her and give her a hug. Guaranteed best gift ever.

What are you doing for your mom, or the moms in your life, for Mother's Day this year?


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