The fastest growing age group is . . .

The fastest growing age group is . . .

Results from the 2016 census have revealed some surprising results about our population.

For instance, did you know the fastest growing age group in Canada is people 100 years old and up? Their numbers have increased 41.3 percent since the 2011 census. The gap is expected to increase into the future as people are living longer.

While the data is interesting, it’s also putting a strain on their caregivers. A new CIBC study found that caring for parents 65 years and older costs Canadians $33 billion a year. That’s in time off work and out-of-pocket expenses amounting to $3,300 per year.

This, too, will only increase as Canadians 65 years and older are expected to grow from 17 percent to approximately 22 percent.

My parents will be hitting the 65-year mark in the coming years. Thankfully they are in good health and able to help me and my siblings with all our kids. I don’t know what I’d do without them. They are constantly attending my son’s baseball games, playing sports with them and having them for sleepovers.

I know others who aren’t as fortunate to have parents in such good shape. The worry alone puts a strain on families.

In what ways do your parents help you with your kids? How do you help your parents?


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