The Coolest Toys For Under $30

The Coolest Toys For Under $30

"You're the best, Mom! My kids will be all smiles when they unwrap these gifts. And the best part? My bank account will be pretty happy as well. Each of these toys rings in at under $30 before taxes.

1. Yookidoo Flow and Fill Spout

I think this is my absolute favorite toy that my kids own. The automatic play spout attaches to the tub and kids can turn off and on by themselves. The Yookidoo spout has provided hours of fun in my house. The downside? Expect wrinkly kids when they come out of the bath.

2. Light Up Marquee

Build and decorate your own sign and then light it up! This toy is perfect for kids who are six, going on sixteen. Every kid needs a chic room for all those time outs.

3. Solar system kit

It is a solar powered solar system. How awesome is that? Your mini-astronomer will love to build, paint and watch their very own solar system. Planets orbit around the solar-panelled sun. An motor makes the planets actually move.

4. Stomp Rocket Ultra

Put that energy to good use. By stomping on the launch pad, your child will send the stomp rockets soaring up to 20 stories high -- that's 200 feet in the air! This toy is the winner of a bunch of toy awards and I am not at all surprised.

5. Construction Plate and Utensils

Go ahead. Play with your food. Every meal is a construction-site with this construction site plate and equipment-inspired utensils. Your little one will be begging for more peas.

Ah! Happy kids with cool presents. Now it is time to buy myself a little prezzie to celebrate all the money I have saved!


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