The Best Times of The Year to Buy Candy & Chocolate

The Best Times of The Year to Buy Candy & Chocolate

The best time to buy candy and chocolate is after the major candy and chocolate times of year.

  • November 1st

November 1st is a biggy in our household because it is then that we head to our local grocery stores and stock up on their 50 - 75% off Halloween candy selections. The individually wrapped chocolates and candies work well for lunch boxes, and as treats to be stuck in purses for long bus rides, dark theatres, and late night snacks.

  • December 26 - mid January

All that gorgeous chocolate left over from Christmas is going to be discounted, greatly. My favourite at this season is the holiday themed boxes or shapes of some of my favourites - the chocolate doesn't taste any different shaped as Santa and the reindeer. After the New Year the prices tend to drop even further.

  • February 15th

Love was just in the air, and if you got turned down chocolate is now 50 - 75% off most places to sooth your broken heart. While Valentine's chocolate is hardly my favourite, I have seen Ferrero Rocher in a heart shaped box... it would certainly make my heart melt.

  • Right after Easter

The Lindt Lindor chocolate bunnies are my favourite, as well as the Cadbury Mini Eggs. Either way, I will never pay full price for them so stocking up right after Easter when they all go on sale works for me.


The funny thing is this is all the same candy you can usually get year around just with a different package. Because the packaging is Halloween, Easter, Christmas, etc, themed... right after each event they will try to clear it out as fast as possible. Toblerone is a great example: ribbons visit for Christmas, a rose on the box for Valentines... however, the chocolate inside is still the same.

Sometimes though, there are special candies and chocolates for those holidays, like I don't see those 2lb solid chocolate bunnies every day of the year.

November 1st will be the next chocolate/candy shopping day on this year's calendar. Daniel and I will be hitting up our local Superstore early that morning for sure. Though not everything is steeply discounted, usually there is a minimum 25% off up to 75%.

Moosers, do you do after holiday candy/chocolate shopping?


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  • Mary
    My best "mom tip" for clearance chocolate was to buy Christmas M &M's or Smarties and have the kids separate the green and the red...I then used the red for Valentine cookies and the green for St. Patrick's day cookies.
    • Sandra
      Agree 100% with your article! I'm a big chocolate lover and the best time for me is January, when the selection and quality of chocolates is the best, but the prices are lowest.