Summer hair tips and tricks

Summer hair tips and tricks

The summer is hard on my hair.

If it's raining, my hair goes curly. If it's humid, my hair is frizzy. I keep putting it up in a pony tail or braiding it to keep it under control and from clinging to my neck.

Unfortunately neither style suits me. And the hair elastics are damaging my hair.

I'd use a dryer or curling iron but the extra heat during a summer day makes me feel even hotter.

Besides, in this weather, it would never stay straight.

I would love to find a product that you can squirt or squeeze on your hair so it can air dry naturally. This would require the least amount of fuss and no heat styling.

I’ve tried various mousses, sea salt sprays, gels and anti-humidity hair sprays. Nothing seems to stand out as a winner. I keep tying up my hair or pulling a baseball cap low over my head to hide my summer hair.

I'm sure there are tricks and products out there that can help care for your hair during summer. I think braids are still popular. They make me feel like a child, but maybe I’m making the wrong type of braid? Maybe the trick is a stylish hat?

I’d love to hear your summer hair-care tips. What products work for you? Do you have a go-to summer hair routine?


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