Sugar-Free Easter Gift Ideas!

Sugar-Free Easter Gift Ideas!

Everyone talks about stocking those baskets full of chocolate but what about some sugar-free Easter gift ideas? These are definitely healthier alternatives, and may even keep your child happier for longer. Sounds like a perfect mix to me. You can either totally replace the sweets that the bunny delivers this coming weekend or have a combination of sweets and trinkets waiting for your kiddos in the morning.

Here are some sugar-free Easter gift ideas to load up the loot in the Easter baskets this year:

Arts & Crafts

Chances are, your kids love colouring and crafts just as much as you do. Grab some Easter colouring booksand colouring suppliesand let the kids have at 'er. There are also tons of art kits for kids of all ages at Walmart, Toys R Us, Michaels and even


I don't know about you, but my kid loves to read. I picked up two cute Easter stories for him this year, and I know that will be the first thing he goes for. For the younger kids, you may want to grab something like Peppa's Easter Egg Huntor Happy Easter, Little Critter. There are oodles of Easter books available with different characters from our favourite book series or TV series, just have a look at

Outdoor Spring Trinkets

Think—what did you play with when you were little? Jump ropes, bubbles, side walk chalk... throw it all in the basket! They will work wonders by keeping your kids outdoors and active when the warmer weather hits. I got my little guy a pretend gardening set last spring and he sits happily beside me while I tend to my plants. He thinks he is helping but... he actually digs out my tulips. Oh well!

Easter Stuffies

Don't forget to find thecutest Easter Bunny stuffed animal around of course. I used to love the ones that felt like velvet when I was little. I already have a billion stuffies for my son, but Easter calls for a new one of course.

The list is virtually endless, but these are my top suggestions. These items will be great for your kids to learn with, play with, be creative with or even cuddle with. You can even mix it up for the different ages in your household. Hopefully the hubby doesn't whine that he doesn't get some bubbles or something!

What sugar-free treats will your Easter bunny leave for the kiddos?


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